Unemployment Insurance Appeals

The Idaho Department of Labor Appeals Bureau conducts hearings in which the parties to an unemployment insurance appeal may present evidence and testimony to a hearing officer and receive a fair and unbiased decision.


Appeals process

How to appeal an Idaho Department of Labor determination

An appeal must be in writing or submitted on a Request for Appeals Hearing form and should include the following:

  • Specific determination that is being appealed
  • Claimant’s Social Security number; and
  • Signature of an interested party or representative.

An appeal must be postmarked, hand-delivered or faxed to any local office or to the Appeals Bureau on or before the last day to appeal.

  • If mailed, the appeal will be considered filed by the date of postmark.
  • If hand-delivered to a local office or the Appeals Bureau during business hours, it will be stamped with the date of personal delivery and considered filed on that date.
  • If the appeal is faxed, it will be considered filed on the date of receipt if received during business hours. Faxed appeals received after 5 p.m. (as of the time zone of the office receiving the appeal) or faxed on a weekend or holiday will be deemed filed on the next business date.

At this time, appeals are not processed via the Internet.


Appeals forms

  Fax Cover Sheet
  Request for Appeals Hearing
  Request for Reopen Form
  Request to Withdraw

Additional resources

  Personal Eligibility Law
  Employment Security Law
  Idaho Industrial Commission
  Idaho Supreme Court Appeals
  Rules of the Department of Labor
  Unemployment Insurance Benefit Administration Rules
  Rules of the Appeals Bureau

 Frequently Asked Questions


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