Internet Unemployment System

Internet Unemployment System (iUS) is Idaho's solution to core unemployment insurance tax and benefit system modernization. iUS has revolutionized the way the Idaho Department of Labor does unemployment insurance for the entire state.

iUS version 2.0

Idaho has entered into a consortium with Vermont to collaborate on the development of iUS version 2.0. The scope of this multi-year project is to build a complete tax and benefits system that will replace iUS version 1.0.
iUS version 2.0 will be comprised of a suite of customizable components that provide end-to-end management of unemployment tax and benefits information. A few of the technological improvements will include:
  • Modular, pluggable architecture.
  • Micro applications that can be developed, tested and deployed independently.
  • Robust service-oriented architecture for simple access to core logic and data.
  • Cloud-enabled and cloud-ready.
  • Claims-based authorization.
  • Industry standard data sharing.
  • Business logic built into the web service layer.
  • Assemblies contain code for specific functions.
  • Seamless integration and navigation between micro applications.
In addition to the suite of micro applications, intake systems for customers and employers will be made available. Customers can use Claimant Portal to manage their unemployment benefits accounts, while employers can use Employer Portal to manage their unemployment tax accounts.
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NASCIO State IT Recognition Award Recipient

The Idaho Department of Labor won the 2015 NASCIO State IT Recognition Award for Improving State Operations for the successful implementation of iUS version 1.0. Read the full iUS nomination.

Highlights of iUS version 1.0

Developed and maintained by Idaho Department of Labor, iUS version 1.0 was deployed in September 2014. iUS was designed with built-in flexibility to easily accommodate unemployment insurance program changes. Find additional iUS highlights in the
iUS brochure.


  • Built as a web application with C#.Net and MS SQL Server.
  • The tax and benefits core systems stand alone but are fully integrated, ensuring accurate benefit payments, employer charging and tax rate computations.
  • Simple interfaces seamlessly integrate with existing internal applications.
  • Notifications for employers and claimants are generated daily as PDF files for printing, mailing and easy archival.


  • All financial transactions are displayed and validated in an extensive series of online reports.
  • All financial transactions are traceable back to detail, claimant, wage and employer data to ensure accountability and accuracy.

Benefits Core Functions

  • Issues, weekly certifications and benefit overpayments are managed by date range at the claimant level without regard to claim year, reducing the occurrence of improper payments.
  • Pending nonmonetary issues are automatically assigned to adjudication staff for resolution.


  • Idaho is the first state to use Web services for all applications on the Interstate Connection Network (ICON). Idaho created a local hub to act as a relay between the Xerox Hub and iUS.


  • Individual issues, status and docket history are easily tracked through the entire appeals process.


  • Tax delinquencies and benefit overpayments are automatically assigned to collections staff.
  • Improved tools for delinquency control allow manual or automated collection assignments, lien filing and tax assessments.

Tax Core Functions

  • Annual experience rating process automatically allocates benefit charges, calculates tax-benefit ratios and assigns appropriate rate classes in a matter of hours.
  • Tax auditing program allows uploading of audited wage data to track statistics and generate required reports.