Internet Unemployment System

Internet Unemployment System (iUS) is the state-built solution to a modernized unemployment insurance system. iUS has transformed the way the Idaho Department of Labor manages the unemployment insurance program for the state.


iUS Consortium

Technological modernization of government systems is an ongoing and costly effort, one often hard to undertake by many states as funding diminishes. That’s one reason why the Idaho Department of Labor established the iUS consortium.

As founder and lead state of the iUS consortium, Idaho continues making unemployment system modernization a top priority. The consortium’s purpose is to pioneer modernization efforts alongside other states using the newly developed iUS core as its base.

iUS Core

iUS core is a suite of software applications used to manage unemployment tax and benefits information. It incorporates cutting-edge technology, industry-standard architecture and best practices in coding.

Instead of building entirely new systems from scratch for each state, the iUS core combines with a state’s legal requirements. This approach reduces the cost and complexity of modernization, providing a viable option that places it within reach of states nationwide.

The iUS consortium follows an established roadmap of systems requiring modernization.

Along with the new iUS core, the iUS team began developing new software applications that replace other technologically outdated systems.

ICON Relay

One such endeavor is ICON Relay. As the gatekeeper that stands between Idaho’s iUS and the ICON hub, ICON Relay ensures clean communication of wage information between states, federal government agencies and military branches.

Moreover, ICON Relay can be used to test communication with ICON hub via web services. It can be deployed in a state’s development platform one message type at a time or for all message types simultaneously. The goal is to share ICON Relay with other states, helping them continue their modernization efforts.

Claimant Portal

On the near horizon is a new Claimant Portal for benefits account management by unemployed individuals. This new version of Claimant Portal incorporates many features previously handled by separate software applications, allowing for a simplified and streamlined claimant experience with the department.

Want to Know More?

Current iUS consortium states include Idaho, Vermont and North Dakota.

When a new state shows interest in joining the consortium, a gap assessment is performed to determine the feasibility of integrating that state into the consortium.

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NASWA Innovation in IT Award Recipient

Idaho Department of Labor won the prestigious 2019 Merrill Baumgardner Innovation in Information Technology Award for demonstrating excellence and innovation in information technology with ICON Relay. Find more information in the ICON Relay nomination and Labor’s News Release.

NASCIO State IT Recognition Award Recipient

The Idaho Department of Labor won the 2015 NASCIO State IT Recognition Award for improving state operations with iUS. Find details on this software development journey in the iUS nomination.