Unemployment Insurance Benefits

How to Meet Your Work-Search Requirements While Receiving Unemployment Benefits

  • File your own claim.

    You are ultimately responsible for everything you enter when filing your claim. Never allow anyone else to file your weekly certification applications and don't ever share your password.

  • Report all former employers.

    Make sure you accurately report all former employers and why you separated from your last job, whether it was full-time, part-time, casual or temporary.

  • Report any wages earned.

    Report all gross wages for each week you work while collecting unemployment – including part-time or temporary work and whether you were paid in cash, check or by other means.

  • Be able and available to work.

    Unemployment insurance claimants must be able, available and willing to accept suitable work for the entire week they claim.

  • Register for work; develop a plan.

    You must register for work with the Idaho Department of Labor to receive benefits. Call or stop in and let us help you develop an effective work search plan, free of charge.

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  • Actively look for work.

    You must make — and keep records for — at least two work-search contacts each week or your benefits may be denied.

  • Keep your address current. Read your mail.

    Some mailings include appointments for mandatory in-person employment assessments. Others include year-end tax information and determinations. Ignore the mailings and you could lose your benefits.

  • Going back to work full time? Stop filing for benefits!

    If you continue to collect benefits after you’ve gone back to work full time – even if only until your first paycheck arrives - you’ll subject yourself to overpayments, penalties, potential charges of fraud and more grief than you will ever need.

  • Be honest.

    Everyone who collects unemployment insurance is legally responsible for following the rules. Ignoring the rules or providing false information leads to serious penalties up to and including loss of unemployment insurance, fines and imprisonment.

  • Know your responsibilities. Ask for help.

    Do not make a “best guess” or assume anything when filing your claim.

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Understanding Unemployment Insurance

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