Idaho Job Corps staff all have something in common – a commitment to sharing their knowledge and experiences to support Job Corps students. They come from a variety of backgrounds, education and philosophies that shape each individual’s unique personality.

Tina Polishchuk, Ed.D

Program Operations Manager

Tina has dedicated her career to helping students pursue their dreams. Prior to leading the Idaho Job Corps, Tina lead the launch of the Advanced Opportunities programs for the Idaho State Department of Education, worked as a school administrator, instructional coach and taught elementary and middle school students. A graduate of Boise State University, Tina holds a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education with endorsements in gifted and talented education, administration and mathematics, a master's degree in educational leadership and a doctorate in education. Tina's family, which includes nine siblings, immigrated from Eastern Europe and English is her second language. Tina spends her free time with her husband and two young children.

Nichole Hall

Education Program Supervisor

Nichole chose to work at Idaho Job Corps because she believes every individual should have the same access to a successful future, regardless of their circumstances. Her adaptability is a great strength, demonstrating hour by hour her ability to shift direction and adapt to the ever-changing developments on the Idaho Job Corps campus. Besides her enthusiasm, Nichole brings an education that includes a bachelor’s degree in education, two master’s degrees – mathematics education and educational leadership – a principal’s license and 14 years of experience in education and the insight from being the youngest in a blended family of seven kids.

Fred Payne

Center Standards Officer

Fred came to Job Corps wanting a job where he could make a difference and he has, becoming a key player in the growth and success of the program and the students. The Nampa native, born into a military family accounting for 130 years of service, continued the legacy and has lived and worked around the world, including Europe, Central America, Asia and the Middle East. He shares his extensive experiences and wisdom with his staff and students. He enjoys outdoor activities, is a lifelong learner and is committed to the art of Bonsai.

Mindy Curren

Wellness Manager

Mindy chose Idaho Job Corps because she has a desire to help people who want to be helped, especially young adults on their path toward success. Her interests range from riding motorcycles and off-road adventuring to playing board games and experimenting with food substitutions in her kitchen. Visit her in the rec hall and see the bulletin boards she has created. Mindy enjoys crafts and has served as a camp counselor teaching pottery and ceramics. She and her husband share the vision of spreading the Idaho value of helping others.

Savannah Lewis

Student Activities Coordinator

Savannah has a passion for working with youth as they transition into their adult responsibilities. The Hailey native earned a master’s degree in macro social work from the University of Southern California. She has worked with child protection and case management, the police department and a community college to develop a support program for foster youth in college. She truly believes in the mission of Idaho Job Corps. After traveling for some years, the lure of family (nine nieces and nephews) and the four seasons brought her back to Idaho.

Scott Brown

Life Skills Instructor

Idaho native Scott grew up working on a wheat and barley farm near Ririe. He worked many construction-based jobs before joining the U.S. Army in 2008 where he served in Iraq and Afghanistan. After earning his Master of Education at the University of Miami, he came to the Idaho Job Corps and says it’s the best job he’s ever had. Scott also brings a sports background with him – he played basketball, football, baseball and ran track in high school and has found his current passion is golf.

Javin Mather

Mental Health Counselor

Javin has a strong background working with young adults not only as they narrow down career and educational options, but also exploring a myriad of questions and concerns that will shape who they desire to become. Jarvin grew up in northern Idaho and has been a licensed counselor since 2011. He promotes and practices a healthy work-life balance, enjoying everything from snowboarding, gaming and music to building computers and writing film reviews. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Boise State University and a master’s degree in counseling from Northwest Nazarene University.

Courtney Hudnall

Student Placement Supervisor

Courtney is one of the first smiling faces and cheerful voices you will encounter at Idaho Job Corps. Courtney joined our team in the very beginning with 15 years of experience in vocational rehabilitation counseling. She has the tools to assist those who believe it is “too late” or “impossible” to make a shift in their vocational trajectory, putting them on a pathway to a new life. She moved to the Treasure Valley from California in 2019 with her Idaho-native husband and two of her three boys.

Greg Hale

Placement Team

Greg has a passion for working with students to help them become successful adults. From a ranch in southern California, he moved to Idaho in 1986 to play baseball and attend the College of Idaho. Greg earned his master’s degree in educational leadership from Northwest Nazarene University, then went on to serve several communities in the Treasure Valley as a teacher, coach, athletic director and alternative school principal for 25 years. He and his family follow his motto, “Live each day to the fullest and do not take it for granted. Life is too short.”

Shanda Huggins

Placement Team

Shanda, though born and raised in Emmett, feels a magnetic pull to Nampa. In her first job out of high school she worked in Nampa making $4 an hour for a seed company. In 2012, she ran 40 miles around the entire city on a mission to connect to the needs of the community and the people who live there. Her job at Idaho Job Corps is an extension of making those connections happen. Shanda graduated from Northwest Nazarene University with a Bachelor of Arts in kinesiology and eventually moved to Nampa with her family.

Steve Kaminsky

Administrative Support Manager

Steve is amazed at the contrast in Idaho of a hot high desert environment to snowy mountains within a 30-minute drive. Originally from New Jersey, Steve has been IT project manager, owner of an export company, regional manager for UPS Freight plus has nearly 30 years of military experience - active duty Air Force and Army, Army Reserve and Idaho National Guard. He’s traveled extensively and brings his wide range of interests to his job - wood and metal working, motorcycling, sledding, cooking, gardening, outdoor recreation and more – with an enthusiasm that supports the Idaho Job Corps mission. He holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and English.

Jean Hilton

Administrative Assistant

For Jean, working at Idaho Job Corps is another of many adventures she’s already had with more to come. In her role, Jean provides the glue that holds the disparate parts of the program together using her associate degree in business management and accounting. This spring she earns her bachelor’s in business. As an Idahoan for most of her life, she loves what the state offers: wilderness, hiking, biking, skiing, swimming in mountain lakes and rivers. Her sense of adventure and positive outlook are welcome additions to the team.