Idaho Labor Laws

To protect workers and employers, labor laws set standards for minimum wage, overtime, child labor, wage payment, farm labor, discrimination and more. Make sure your business is following the law.

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Layoff Assistance and WARN Notices

Idaho Labor can help with layoffs including downsizing as a result of foreign trade. WARN notices are required to give workers at least 60 days notice before mass layoffs.
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Agricultural Services

All farm labor contractors in Idaho must be licensed to hire migrant or seasonal agricultural workers and minimum wage is required with a few exceptions.
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Idaho Human Rights Commission

The Commission administers state and federal anti-discrimination laws in Idaho.
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State and Federal Labor Laws

State Laws

Federal Laws


Davis-Bacon Act

The federal Davis Bacon Act requires contractors and subcontractors to pay at least minimum wage—the prevailing wage—and fringe benefits to anyone working directly on construction, alteration or repair including painting and decorating of public buildings or public works under federal contracts. Davis-Bacon prevailing wages are determined by the U.S. Secretary of Labor and are based on wages and fringe benefits paid to laborers working on similar projects in the same area.

The Davis-Bacon Act is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Labor. To contact a regional U.S. Labor office call

Northern Idaho – (509) 353-2793 or (866) 487-9243
All other areas in Idaho – (208) 321-2987 or (503) 326-3057

Find more information at the U.S. Department of Labor website


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