Industry Sector Grants FAQ

Is this one-time money or can we continue to apply periodically to fund the program? Could we add different occupations?

WDTF sector grants are not intended and will not sustain a program with grant dollars, but you can work on new projects with the same industry partners that address new occupational training.

Can we apply for more than $250,000, if we are addressing a statewide issue?

The Labor director has the discretion to consider funds above the limit. This would depend on the impact on the project in the regions that are included in the application. Stronger consideration will be given to grant applications that cover a region or statewide effort.

What is considered an in-kind cash value match?

The WDTF sector grant will accept as in-kind the cash value of a business partner’s time or equipment/supplies/space that directly supports delivery of training and that will not be reimbursed with WDTF resources. Examples include: supervising/training at a job site or providing class instruction; developing training modules; use of existing laboratory, classroom space or equipment; purchase of new equipment/supplies; or use of existing equipment directly used during training.

NOTE: The application must include a thorough description of each item identified as in-kind match, the current value of the item and the cost allocation formula used to determine the value of the item as it relates to directly supporting delivery of training.

Can a non-industry organization contribute to the in-kind match and be considered a partner?

Yes, a non-industry organization can contribute to in-kind, but the organization would not be considered an industry partner to meet the minimum requirements of three.

Can partners be added after the industry sector grant has been put in place?

It would depend on the partnership members as to whether they would want to bring in another partner. No additional grant funds can be added. Any cash match portion would have to be negotiated with the partnership and training provider(s).

Is there a cost cap on equipment?

WDTF sector grant funds could be used to pay for training equipment that is housed at a training facility or a mobile training unit. It would not pay for equipment employers require to run their business.

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