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How to File an Appeal

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I don't agree with a determination. How do I appeal?

An appeal must:

  1. Be in writing.
  2. Be signed by the person filing the appeal or by the person’s representative.
  3. Request an appeal hearing.
  4. Identify the determination being appealed.

Who can appeal?

Any interested party to a determination issued by the Department can appeal. The term "interested party" includes:

  • the claimant,
  • the employer (if applicable) and/or any employer who may be charged,
  • a representative of any of the above, or
  • an authorized representative of the Department.

Do I need to use a special form?

No. Any written request which meets the above requirements is acceptable, however, you may use the Department’s Request for Appeals Hearing form online or call (208) 332-3572 to have one faxed or mailed to you.

How do I file my appeal?

An appeal may be filed by:

  1. Hand-delivering the appeal to the Appeals Bureau at 317 W. Main St., Boise, Idaho 83735.
  2. By mailing the appeal to the same address.
  3. Or by faxing the appeal to the Appeals Bureau at (208) 334-6440.

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Must an appeal be filed by a certain time?

YES! In order to be considered timely, the appeal must be filed within fourteen (14) days after service of the determination being appealed (almost always the date of mailing – not the day you may have actually received it).

  • If you hand-deliver your appeal, it will be stamped and considered filed on the date of personal delivery.
  • If you mail your appeal, it will be considered as filed as of the date of the U.S. Postal Service postmark.
  • If you fax your appeal, it will be considered as filed on the date it is received by the Department. *Note: A faxed appeal received after 5 p.m. MT, or received on a weekend or holiday, will be considered as filed on the next business day.

What if I file my appeal after the 14-day deadline?

  • If no appeal has been filed within the 14-day appeal period, the Determination will go final.
  • If an appeal is filed after the determination has gone final, it will be processed by the Appeals Bureau and a hearing will be scheduled to determine whether an appeal has been timely filed, considering any special circumstances that may apply.

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