Records Request and/or Request
for Confidential Information

The Idaho Department of Labor's guidelines for disclosure of confidential employment security information records may be accessed at:
For security purposes, the Idaho Department of Labor will not provide confidential records via email and you will be required to pay costs when the cost of the disclosure exceeds $100.
Employment security information is any information descriptive of an identifiable person or persons received by, recorded by, prepared by, furnished to, or collected by the Department, or the Industrial Commission in the administration of the Employment Security Law.

Employee: If you are an employee requesting information about yourself, you need to complete an informed consent release.

Employer: If you are an employer requesting information about your business, you need to complete an informed consent release.

Agent: If you are acting for or in the place of an individual or employer by authority of that individual or employer you must obtain a written informed consent release from the person or employer whose records you seek.

If you do not represent the individual or employer and are seeking records for such person, you are a third party.


  1. If you represent an individual or employer requesting records concerning that individual or employer for Employment Security Law purposes*: You need only submit a dated and signed letter on letterhead to the Department confirming your representation of that individual or employer.
  2. If you represent an individual or employer for a non-Employment Security Law purpose (e.g. workers' compensation) you must provide an informed consent release signed by the individual or employer whose records are sought.

* Employment Security Law purpose -- any purpose that arises under Idaho Employment Security Law found at Idaho Code Section 72-1301 et seq.

Third party: If you are requesting records that are NOT your own or if you are an attorney or an agent and you are requesting records of someone who is NOT a client, the following documents must be completed:

  1. Obtain a written informed consent release from the person or employer whose records you seek AND
  2. You must complete a third party confidentiality agreement signed by the third party.
Informed consent release
Informed consent release (español)
Third party confidentiality agreement

Third party confidentiality agreement (español)

Send requests to:
Idaho Department of Labor
Attn: Records Custodian
317 W. Main St.
Boise, ID 83735

Fax: 208-780-5126

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