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Claimant Portal — Applying For Benefits

How do I get started on the Claimant Portal?

The first step is to begin a New User Registration in the Claimant Portal. To begin this registration, visit the Claimant Portal and click on the Register button.

I have never used the Claimant Portal before. What steps do I need to take?

During the process, you will register, enter your profile information, work history and application information. Our step-by-step quick guide and video will provide additional assistance with the application process.

Why do I need an email address to sign up with the Claimant Portal?

With our previous system, claimants used a Social Security number (SSN) and Personal Identification Number (PIN) for logging in. For added security, the new system requires an email and password instead.

Don’t have an email? We can help you set one up at any of our local offices.

Will my old password work on the Claimant Portal?


I have been locked out of my account. What do I do?

Your account will lock due to excessive failed login attempts. Please call us at (208) 332-8942 or use our click to chat feature. Once your account has been unlocked, please double check your email address and click on reset password.

What is identity verification?

For security reasons, your identity needs to be verified in the system to be sure someone other than yourself is not using your personal information.

Once you submit your personal and demographic information into the Claimant Portal, we will verify your identity with the Idaho Department of Transportation, Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

If your identity is successfully verified, you will have access to all features and areas in the Claimant Portal.

The application states that my identity was not verified. Can I still file a claim?

If your profile is Unverified, review and make sure the information you entered is correct and how it appears on your driver’s license with no typos or incorrect spellings. Birth date is the field most often typed incorrectly as the wrong year because the calendar defaults to the current year. You also may want to check your driver’s license status on the Department of Motor Vehicles website. See instructions here. Click Submit again after you have verified all of your information.

If Your Profile is still Unverified, you will have limited access to basic features in the Claimant Portal and you may continue your application for benefits or weekly certifications.

Will I still get paid if I am unverified?

No. You will need to be verified before you will be paid.

Yes. You have to register and verify your identity to access Idaho Wage information. Click here for a step-by-step guide on accessing and printing your wage information.

I have an Employment Authorization or Permanent Resident Card. Where do I find my card numbers?

Depending on the identification documents being searched, your card number can be found in several places. Please see this guide to locate your card number. You can watch our video tutorial for additional assistance.

Why do I need to update my work history?

Work history must be entered for the past two years to determine eligibility and prevent delays in claim processing.

To enter this information, click on Wages and Work History in the Claimant Portal.

I entered my work history, why won’t it submit?

Be sure you clicked the agreement box acknowledging your work history is updated and accurate.

Ensure all the fields were completed correctly and that you did not include a comma ‘,’ in the gross wage field or a dash ‘-‘ in the telephone field. You can only enter numbers.

If you hit submit, but found yourself at the login page, it is because you took too long to complete the work history fields and the system timed out.

How do I continue my application once I enter my work history?

If you did not enter your work history before you began filing your claim, use the “Your claim application is still in progress. Once you have completed your work history, click here to return to your claim application” link found at the very top of the page to return to the claim.

If you entered your work history prior to beginning your claim application, click on the ‘File Claim Application’ link.

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