Employer Grants FAQ

When does the contract start?

The contract start date is typically the date a completed application is submitted. Training expenses that occurred prior to the contract start date are not eligible for reimbursement.

How long does a contract last?

A contract is typically written for a two-year period. There is flexibility, but the goal is to assist the employer to provide training quickly.

What type of training is eligible for reimbursement?

Transferable skills training for new and incumbent workers necessary to meet industry needs. This includes vendor-specific training such as new systems or equipment, Lean Manufacturing and skill training provided by local colleges.

Can WDTF support soft skills training?

WDTF does not support new employee orientation or culture training. However, WDTF can support soft-skill training, such as management or leadership training, if it is in conjunction with hard-skill training.

Can employee wages be reimbursed during training?

No. However, trainer wages can be reimbursed.

Does it matter what size the business is?

For cost efficiencies we focus on employers who are expanding or retaining more than five positions. Idaho Labor's on-the-Job training program can assist with smaller expansions.

How and when does the employer receive reimbursements for approved training?

Once a contract is signed the employer will receive reporting instructions listing the required forms to be submitted with documented training expenses. A reimbursement request can be submitted monthly or quarterly.

*Actual forms will be supplied upon the grant being signed and fully executed.

Can the contract be extended or modified?

Yes, the company can request a contract modification stating what changes they would like to make and why. This will then be reviewed by Idaho Labor staff for approval.

What does the final contract contain?

The final contract contains assurances and provisions that we recommend applicants read prior to applying.

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