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Employer Appeal Concerns

Can a third party represent the employer at an appeals hearing?

  • Yes, if a business contracts with a third-party company to handle unemployment claims.
  • If a claimant is found ineligible and has already been paid benefits, is my account chargeable for these benefits?

  • No, not if you have an experience-rated account and are the major-base employer.
  • If you are a cost-reimbursement employer, you will receive credit only when the claimant has repaid the overpaid benefits to the Idaho Department of Labor.

How can I appeal benefits charged against the business account?

  • In order for a major-base employer to seek relief of chargeability to their experience-rated account, the employer will need to appeal the claimant’s personal eligibility (eligibility determination).
  • If no determination on the claimant’s personal eligibility has been made but a chargeable determination was mailed, then an appeal will need to be filed within the 14 days to appeal the chargeable determination.

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