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Extended Benefits

Can I get an extension in the number of weeks I collect?

It depends. Extensions for collecting unemployment insurance benefits are in effect only during periods
of high unemployment and only if the state or federal governments take specific actions to provide extended benefits. Extended benefits are currently unavailable in Idaho.

What if I run out of money before my claim year is up?

Once you have qualified for benefits, you have one year (52 weeks) to collect them. Unfortunately, you cannot file another Idaho claim until that existing benefit year is over. If you have worked in another state during the past two years, you may qualify for benefits from the other state. Your local office can help you find work.

If extended benefits are available, you will be notified by mail. Once you exhaust the money in your regular claim, an extension application will be sent to the address you entered on your initial claim. Complete and return the application as soon as possible. If you are eligible, you will receive information about your new benefit amount and can continue filing your weekly reports.

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