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Frequently Asked Questions

I just learned about New Hire Reporting and had no idea I was supposed to be doing this. Am I in trouble?

No. Federal guidelines allow states to impose penalties for noncompliance but right now Idaho does not, so please, send us your new hire reports even if you are past the 20-day requirement.

Do you need a list of all the current employees we haven't reported?

No. Start with your most recent employees (those hired since your last quarterly wage report) and start reporting all your new employees from that point forward.

Who counts as an employee?

An employee is an individual who qualifies for Federal Income Tax withholding from wages.

What is the "date of hire?"

The date of hire is defined as the first day the employee works for wages. Do not report a new hire if the employee has not yet started working for you.

What's my Idaho Unemployment Insurance account number?

Your Idaho Unemployment Insurance account number (also known as a SUTA – State Unemployment Tax Account number) is a number assigned by the Idaho Department of Labor for businesses that file unemployment insurance quarterly wage reports. You can find your account number on your quarterly form or by calling Employer Accounts at (208) 332-3576 or (800) 448-2977.

Do I need to report a new employee who quits before I report them?

If they earned wages, then they would still need to be reported as a new employee even if they left before you reported them.

Do I have to notify you when an employee leaves?

No. You can notify the Idaho Department of Labor of separations through the Employer Portal system, but you are not required to do so for New Hire Reporting.

My current employee left and came back. Do I have to report them again?

If you’ve rehired a former employee less than 60 days after the employee left, then no you do not have to report the employee as a new hire. If it has been at least 60 days between the date the employee left and came back, then yes you do need to report the employee as a new hire, starting with the day the employee came back to work as the new date of hire.

Do I have to report independent contractors to you?

If the work performed is based on a contract rather than an employer/employee relationship, you do not have to submit a New Hire report. In such cases, the contractor is responsible for reporting his or her new employees.

My employee does not have a Social Security Number yet but has applied for one. Do I report them without a Social Security number so I won’t go past the 20-day limit?

No. In the case of newly hired alien visa employees, the 20-day time frame to submit the new hire report commences when the employee has received a Social Security number from the Social Security Administration.

My new employee lives in Idaho but works in another state. What state do I report the employee to?

New employees should be reported to the New Hire Reporting program in the state where they work regardless of residence. Exceptions include multi-state employers registered with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that electronically report all new hires to a single state. Contact us at (800) 627-3880 if you are interested in multi-state reporting.

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