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Continued Claim Report

  • Please stay with this session until all questions are answered, including your work search information. If you end this session before the system tells you that your report is complete and gives you a receipt number, your answers will not be recorded, no week will be claimed and you will have to start over to claim benefits for the week.
  • By using this system, you agree to have your answers become part of your claim record.
  • You are certifying that your answers are true and accurate.
  • Under Idaho law you could be penalized for giving false answers or for withholding information.

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Our electronic filing process uses the strongest encryption available using the standard SSL protocol. However, the Idaho Department of Labor cannot guarantee complete confidentiality of information sent between our server and your browser.

*Important information* If you are using a computer in a public setting, you must logout if you step away from the computer before getting your receipt number. Failure to log out will allow others who use the computer after you to view the information you have entered.