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State Government

Department of Lands

300 N. 6th Street, P.O. Box 83720
Boise, Idaho


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Non-Classified Opening

Director - Idaho Department of Lands

Non-Classified Classification

Department of Lands

Open for Recruitment: March 1, 2018 - April 15, 2018
Announcement # NONCLS072411
Salary Range: $129,000 - $139,000 ($62.02 - $66.83 per hour) -Plus Competitive Benefits!

Location(s): Boise

SPECIAL NOTIFICATION:  This position is exempt from classified state service and the rules of the Division of Human Resources and the Idaho Personnel Commission.

The Idaho State Board of Land Commissioners seeks an experienced leader, who will communicate a sense of vision to Department of Lands’ (IDL) employees while working toward established goals and objectives.  Under the direction of the Idaho State Board of Land Commissioners, IDL manages more than 2.4 million acres of state endowment trust land under a constitutional mandate to maximize long-term financial returns to a number of State institutions, mainly public schools. The Director of IDL has two primary roles.  First, the Director, under the direction of the Idaho State Board of Land Commissioners, oversees the management of Idaho’s endowment trust land assets.  Second, the Director is responsible for the administration of natural resource regulatory programs to protect water quality, fish, wildlife habitat, and recreation on public trust lands, and ensure the protection of other public resources by overseeing forestry and some regulation of mining practices across all ownerships in the state. One of IDL's most important resource protection responsibilities is fire prevention and suppression on more than 6 million acres in Idaho. IDL is also the administrative arm of the Idaho Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

The Director, or delegate, also serves as the Idaho State Forester, Chair of the Board of Scaling Practices, a Commissioner on the Idaho Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, and a member of the University of Idaho Policy Analysis Group.  As secretary to the State Board of Land Commissioners, the Director, or delegate, represents the Board with the Western States Land Commissioners Association.  Finally, the Director oversees delivery of landowner and community assistance programs, which include, among others, the Forest Stewardship Program, the Community and Urban Forestry Program, the Forest Health Initiative, and the National Fire Plan.

Benefits Package:  Health and dental insurance, retirement pension, vacation leave, sick leave, and holidays (for more information please click on the "Plus Competitive Benefits!" link above).

Agency Mission:  IDL’s mission is to professionally and prudently manage Idaho's endowment assets to maximize long-term financial returns to public schools and other trust beneficiaries and to provide professional assistance to the citizens of Idaho to use, protect, and sustain their natural resources. View a recap of IDL accomplishments in 2017 here.


  • Communicate effectively with the State Board of Land Commissioners, IDL staff, beneficiaries, and the public utilizing various techniques and methods to disseminate information including written, oral, and visual media skills.
  • Maintain excellent working relationships with the State Board of Land Commissioners by making recommendations and keeping them fully informed.
  • Act as department spokesperson to the Legislature.
  • Lead Executive Team and key staff in providing a work product that is consistent with best management practices.
  • Lead and positively inspire others as well as oneself by building partnerships and relationships, understanding others’ roles and perspectives, and soliciting feedback.
  • Deliver formal and informal presentations, build consensus when appropriate, motivate and encourage others.
  • Bring simplicity, clarity, and meaning to the strategic direction of the agency and maintain a customer-focused, transparent culture.

Principal Responsibilities as Senior Adviser:

  • Collaborate with other senior executives to provide the State Board of Land Commissioners, and the department as a whole, with advice, direction, cross-program continuity, and unity of approach on all department programs.
  • Advocate for and assist in long-range strategic planning, and develop outside connections that facilitate keeping abreast of, or ahead of, state, national, and global trends and events that present threats or opportunities to the department.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • An applicant must have significant senior executive level management experience, which includes managing senior leaders, strategic thinking and planning, leading change, and leading people; the ability to develop intergovernmental relationships through building strong relationships and credibility; and excellent presentation skills to communicate and influence. 
  • An applicant must have professional training and knowledge in natural resource management principles and practices.
  • In addition, an applicant must demonstrate professional experience and knowledge in business and public administration.

Successful Candidates Will Have:

  • A proven track record of demonstrated leadership, vision, and innovation for delivering results, building accountability for staff, and creating a positive work environment.
  • Proven experience with management practices, organizational development, and performance management.
  • Demonstrated ability to carry out the agency’s core competencies as follows:
    • Contribute to sustaining the ecological health and economic productivity of Idaho’s natural resources and endowment trust lands for today and tomorrow and to support long-term sustainable results.  
    • Create a vision for the future and a pathway to achieve the vision; demonstrate a passion for achieving goals, generate enthusiasm in others; think strategically, focusing on solutions; take initiative in tackling and solving tough problems; adapt to changing needs and circumstances; mentor others and encourage their growth and development.
    • Communicate intentions and rationale for inclusive decision-making; use transparent decision-making processes; invite participation of beneficiaries and stakeholders; encourage and recognize the input of others; seek diverse viewpoints and representation.  
    • Demonstrate a positive orientation for action, innovation, and informed risk-taking; move beyond the obvious to develop new and innovative approaches; be receptive to new ideas; improvise when faced with unexpected situations or new information.
    • Treat all people with dignity and respect; maintain constructive relationships; preserve the self-confidence and self-esteem of others; focus on the situation, issues, or behavior, not on the person; take initiative to make things better; model appropriate behaviors for others.
    • Demonstrate integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior; take responsibility for efficient, effective use of time, equipment, and resources.

How to Apply:

Please submit a cover letter and resume to HR@idl.idaho.gov no later than April 15, 2018 at 5:00 pm PST.

Your cover letter and resume must address the skills identified in the Minimum Qualifications and Successful Candidates Will Have sections above.

Please submit as .pdf or MS-Word attachments and indicate "Director - Lands" in subject line.

All applicants are subject to criminal, credit and related background checks as a condition of employment.

Thank you for your interest in the Idaho Department of Lands! 

Hiring is done without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age or disability. In addition, preference may be given to veterans who qualify under state and federal laws and regulations. If you need special accommodations to satisfy testing requirements, please contact the Division of Human Resources.