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Department of Environmental Quality

1410 N Hilton
Boise, ID


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208 373-0333



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Kellogg Office Project Manager

Analyst 5

Department of Environmental Quality

Open for Recruitment: March 6, 2017 - Open until further notice
Announcement # 07048010654
Salary Range: $28.83 - $38.00 per hour -Plus Competitive Benefits!

Location(s): Kellogg

DEQ is committed to protecting human health and preserving the quality of Idaho's air, land, and water for use and enjoyment today and in the future.

This position is located in the Waste Management and Remediation Division at the Kellogg Office. 


  • Provide oversight of critical phases of remedial construction and removal actions
  • Provide daily direction and supervision of Kellogg Technical and clerical staff
  • Plan, coordinate, manage, and evaluate remediation projects
  • Manage a portion of the DEQ project team
  • Review technical comments and recommendations by staff and contractors concerning regulatory consistency of documents 
  • Participate in decision making that involves budgets, contracts, and overall programmatic issues.
  • Serve as local project representative to communicate project information
  • Manage and participate in public participation processes that have been implemented at the Bunker Hill Superfund Site
  • Represent DEQ and State on matters relating to the Bunker Hill Superfund Cleanup

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Possession of a Bachelor’s degree in the physical or biological sciences, political science, business or public administration, engineering, or related natural resources management field OR, education and/or experience equivalent to a typical four (4) year Bachelor’s degree.
    For example: Successful completion of sixty (60) semester hours of study, including twenty-four (24) semester hours in a subject required for the specific discipline, is equivalent to two (2) years of undergraduate education; and/or full-time work experience managing and implementing, projects or component(s) of programs that are environmental in nature, where you were required to routinely perform program or project planning; provide technical assistance to staff, special interest groups and the public; and provide policy and/or regulatory interpretation and/or development for at least two (2) years can substitute for one (1) year of college;

    At least (8) eight years’ professional experience providing management, technical assistance, resource allocation, and policy interpretation to staff, special interest groups and the public;

    Possession of a Master’s degree in the sciences or related field and at least five (5) years of professional experience providing management, technical assistance, resource allocation, and policy interpretation to staff, special interest groups and the public.

Specialty Minimum Qualifications (required for position): 

  • 3118 - MINING: Some knowledge of mining processes typically gained through possession of a college degree in Hydrogeology, Geology, Geophysics, Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Soil Science, Chemical, Civil, Mining or Environmental Engineering, or a closely related field; OR education and experience equivalent to an undergraduate degree; AND
    at least two (2) years of experience working on mine design, development, construction, operations, remediation, reclamation, and/or permitting that has provided me with a good understanding of mining processes.
    at least four (4) years of experience working on industrial or mining sites to develop and implement sampling programs for soils, surface water, ground water or air; evaluation of environmental impacts from past contamination of soil, sediment, or water; construction or project management experience to develop and implement remediation and reclamation plans, and a good understanding of relationships between the Federal and State agencies responsible for natural resources management and/or managing human health risks.
    Education/Experience Equivalency:
    Successful completion of sixty (60) semester hours of study, including twenty-four (24) credited hours in a subject required for the particular degree, is equivalent to two (2) years of undergraduate education; and/or each two (2) years of qualifying work experience as described on the announcement may be equivalent to one (1) year of undergraduate education.

  • 5217A - SUPERVISION: Have successfully completed courses or seminars that included the essential elements of management (planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling); OR, I have at leaste one year of experience performing as a supervisor that required work assignment, and direction and monitoring of staff with responsibility (or significant input) into the hiring of employees, preparing performance evaluations, and handling problem-solving procedures. 


    Checklist with supporting documentation. You will receive a score based on your responses to the checklist, provided those responses are supported by the additional information you submit. All responses must be supported in the work history, resume, and/or education portion of your application. You must receive a minimum rating of 70 to pass this examination. Exam results are available online when the review process is completed.

    How to Apply:

    Click on the Apply Online button to the left and follow the instructions provided to complete the Application Checklist and Exam for this position. If you are unable to use the Apply Online process, you must respond to the exam questions on this announcement and complete a State of Idaho Application.

    When updating your online application information, please select:

    • Department of Environmental Quality under "Agencies,"
    • Full-time employment under "Job Type/Shift,"
    • Kellogg under "Cities."

    When updating your online application information, you must complete all items in the Application Checklist. (This includes: Personal Information, Education, Work History, Cities, Agencies and Job type.) Without this information, your name cannot be referred to the hiring agency.

    Thank you for your interest in employment with the
    Idaho Department of Environmental Quality!

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    To learn more about DEQ, the Boise community, or about Idaho in general, click on the links below:

    The Department of Environmental Quality may conduct verification of the information provided in your application, including validation of drivers' license status, education, employment, and criminal history.  Omission and/or falsification of information provided in your application will result in your removal  from consideration for employment, appointment, or promotion.



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At the discretion of the appointing authority, compensatory time off may be provided in lieu of overtime cash compensation.

Hiring is done without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age or disability. In addition, preference may be given to veterans who qualify under state and federal laws and regulations. If you need special accommodations to satisfy testing requirements, please contact the Division of Human Resources.