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Self-Reliance Representative

Customer Service Representative 2

Health and Welfare

Open for Recruitment: May 5, 2016 - Open until further notice
Announcement # 01120035106
Salary Range: $13.00 - $13.50 per hour -Plus Competitive Benefits!

Location(s): Boise

The Department of Health and Welfare, Division of Welfare is currently recruiting for Customer Service Representative 2 - Self-Reliance Representatives for our Westgate field office in Boise. This announcement may be used to hire for the Processing Center, the Statewide Central Mail Team, and Benefits Intake.  

  • Shared Services Call Center: Provide customer service to individuals calling and requiring information and assistance from across the state. These individuals respond to customer inquiries for various benefits and services as well as connect customers to specialists via an integrated statewide phone system.
  • Mail Team: Provide customer service to individuals submitting information through the mail from across the state. They open, sort and route mail to the appropriate location, scan it into our electronic information system, set up applications for multiple benefits programs, set tasks for Self-Reliance Specialists, monitors fax queues for all seven regions, and complete public records requests. 
  • Benefits Intake: Provide customer service and support to customers coming into a Health and Welfare office. They answer questions about benefits and services offered by Health and Welfare and direct customers and information to the appropriate Self-Reliance Specialist for final case action.

Self-Reliance Representatives work in a high volume, high stress work environment and assist customers for various benefits, services and applications questions. In addition, all provide customer service and support to customers in the office. Self-Reliance Representatives direct customers to the appropriate specialist or helps resolve the specific inquiry or problem the customer is facing.

This announcement may be used to fill both regular and bilingual openings. If you read, write, and/or speak Spanish, please apply for this position. Successful bilingual applicants may have their names certified to both regular and bilingual hiring lists.

This announcement will be used to fill vacancies at Health and Welfare, Division of Welfare only. If you have previously applied for the Customer Service Representative 2 classification and wish to be considered for these positions, you must reapply under this announcement.  Previous scores will not be used.

This announcement may be used to fill both permanent AND temporary positions. Temporary appointments from this announcement, serving at least one thousand forty (1,040) hours of continuous service, may be hired as an entrance probationary employee without further examination for the same classification and location as announced. Please ensure you have selected full-time AND temporary in your job type/shift preferences if you may be interested in temporary work with the possibility for permanent employment.

The Idaho Department of Health & Welfare is a drug-free workplace. Any applicant offered employment in these positions at the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, will be required to pass a pre-employment drug test.

  • Answer questions and resolve complicated case issues with new and existing external customers
  • Research complicated case issues to find resolution
  • Input detailed case/customer data into automated systems
  • Complete various clerical tasks such as answering phones, screening and channeling calls, and providing information to customers about their benefits case or answering detailed questions about benefits and services available through the department.
  • Determine needs and appropriate programs based on customer responses
  • Determine appropriate next action on child support and food stamps cases based on results of case research
  • Decide and communicate next action or compliance requirements to customers based on comparison of case facts to written policy/process
  • Provide specialized information about Self Reliance programs and services
  • Clarifying, explaining, and resolving complex, varied and sometimes controversial and/or volatile issues, and preparing clear and concise responses for customers
  • Work cooperatively with staff from their own units and other divisions to identify customer service problems, make recommendations, and plan and coordinate program and communication changes
  • Verifying completeness of applications and forms
  • Maintaining record keeping systems by adding deleting, or updating information

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Some knowledge of interviewing methods
  • Experience interpreting, explaining, and applying regulations, laws or complex policies to carry out assignments
  • Experience accessing data using a computerized system
  • Experience independently handling complaints and upset individuals in a business setting
  • Experience conducting sensitive fact-finding interviews

Additional Qualifications: Are not required; however, having the minimum qualifications and the education or experience below will increase your score.

  • Experience in some or all of the following areas: opening, sorting and routing mail to the appropriate location; scanning documents into electronic information systems; setting up applications for multiple benefits programs; setting tasks for Self-Reliance Specialists; monitoring fax queues for multiple regions; completing public records requests; answering questions about benefits and services offered by Health and Welfare; and directing customers to the appropriate Self-Reliance Specialist for final case action.
  • Experience providing phone support to customers regarding Health and Welfare benefits, including, but not limited to, answering questions related to Health and Welfare benefits programs, updating demographics on benefits cases, referring customers to internal and external partners to resolve concerns, setting tasks for Self-Reliance Specialists, and performing basic case maintenance for Health and Welfare customers.

There is an exam for this position to determine an applicant's eligibility. Click the "Preview Exam" button below to review the exam. You must receive a score of 56 to pass this exam. If at any time during the screening/testing process your responses or resume do not support the answers you provided, your name will be removed from the register.

How to Apply:

Click on the Apply Online button to the left and follow the instructions provided to complete the Application Checklist and Exam for this position. When updating your online application information, please select Health and Welfare under "Agencies," full-time under "Job Type/Shift" and Boise under "Cities."


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Hiring is done without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age or disability. In addition, preference may be given to veterans who qualify under state and federal laws and regulations. If you need special accommodations to satisfy testing requirements, please contact the Division of Human Resources.