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Department of Lands

300 N. 6th Street, P.O. Box 83720
Boise, Idaho


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Lands Resource Specialist, Senior - Grazing, Farming, and Conservation Management Program

Lands Resource Specialist, Senior

Competition limited to classified employees of:

Department of Lands

Open for Recruitment: September 13, 2011 - Open until further notice
Announcement # 01074066948
Salary Range: $20.66 per hour -Plus Competitive Benefits!

Location(s): Statewide

This posting is for current Department of Lands employees hired in the Lands Resource Specialist underfill position to qualify for the Lands Resource Specialist, Senior level.

The Lands Resource Specialist, Senior is the journeyman level of the Land Resource Specialist classification and is fully competent in all aspects of the Grazing, Farming, and Conservation Management Program.


Range Resource Specialist, Seniors work cooperatively with resource managers in other disciplines, with other agency personnel, and with grazing and cropland lessees to manage state endowment lands to maximize revenue generation while providing resource protection.

  • Resource Assessment:  Evaluate and inventory rangelands using knowledge of soils, ecology, plant identification and plant physiology to identify current and desired condition and trend of land and streams.
  • Land Management Planning:  Develop and implement resource management plans that address grazing systems and construction of range improvements (water developments, vegetation manipulation, fencing, etc.)
  • Contract Administration:  Develops and reviews contract terms and conditions; conduct site inspections of expiring leases and make recommendations for renewal; enforce lease/permit provisions to meet department objectives through inspections, feedback and continual communication; prepare documents necessary for lease adjustments, lease assignments, lease renewal, and sublease requests.

Minimum Requirements:


  • Interpreting and applying state and federal laws, rules and regulations in relation to land management and negotiating contracts, lease terms and agreements.
  • Preparing contract or lease terms based on site specific conditions and proposed operations.
  • Administering contracts including field inspections, compliance reporting, and implementing corrective action as necessary.
  • Evaluating projects and/or data, analyzing alternatives, and making recommendations.
  • Communicating effectively both verbally and in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience through technical reports, business correspondence, and oral presentations.
  • Providing technical assistance, training, and program information to management, clients or public groups.
  • Interpreting public land survey legal descriptions, aerial photos and topographic and property ownership maps.
  • Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to produce maps and analyze spatial data.
  • Performing financial analyses to consider the relative costs and benefits of potential actions or proposals to choose the most appropriate one.

Good knowledge of:

  • Livestock production and grazing management principles;
  • Rangeland ecology principles;
  • Range inventory and monitoring techniques;
  • Range plant identification;
  • Weed management;
  • Soils;
  • Riparian area management.
  • Some knowledge of:
  • Construction/design of range improvements;
  • Farming and conservation practices;
  • Federal conservation programs.

Must Possess:

  • A valid driver's license.
Examination:  Education and Experience: You must complete the exam independently. Enter your responses to the questions in the space provided in the examination. You must have the minimum level of experience or education described for each question to qualify for this position. Scoring will be based on the information you provide. A minimum rating of 70 is needed to pass this examination. Notification of your test results will be available online when the review process is complete. Applicants who do not Apply Online will receive written notification.

To preview the exam, click on the "Preview Exam" link below (you will not be able to take the exam from this screen). If you wish to take the exam, click on any Apply Online button and follow the instructions provided.

How to Apply:

Click on the Apply Online button to the left and follow the instructions provided to complete the Application Checklist and Exam for this position.

When updating your online application information, please select:

  • Department of Lands under "Agencies"
  • Full-time employment under "Job Type/Shift"
  • City in which you are interested in working under "Cities"

When updating your online application information, you must complete all items in the Application Checklist. This includes: (Personal Information, Education, Work History, Cities, Agencies and Job type.)  Without this information, your name cannot be referred to the Department of Lands.

If you have questions about this exam, please contact your Area Manager, Operations Chief, or Human Resources.


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At the discretion of the appointing authority, compensatory time off may be provided in lieu of overtime cash compensation.

Hiring is done without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age or disability. In addition, preference may be given to veterans who qualify under state and federal laws and regulations. If you need special accommodations to satisfy testing requirements, please contact the Division of Human Resources.