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There are over 1000 state job descriptions. These descriptions provide a general overview of a job and the required knowledges, skills and abilities.

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Job Titles:
Class CodeJob Title (Classification)Pay GradeLast Revision
05270 Vehicle Size and Weight Specialist J 5/21/2008
09070 Vendor Program Coordinator J 12/1/2014
06690 Veterans Cemetery Caretaker G  
06692 Veterans Cemetery Caretaker Foreman J 6/13/2017
06691 Veterans Cemetery Caretaker Senior H  
07290 Veterans Home Administrator, Boise Q 5/22/2008
07292 Veterans Home Administrator, Regional P 5/22/2008
09434 Veterans Service Officer J 5/22/2008
09432 Veterans Service Program Supervisor L 5/22/2008
00264 Veterinarian Medical Officer, Bureau Chief P 5/22/2008
00260 Veterinarian, Medical Officer N 5/22/2008
00262 Veterinarian, Medical Officer, Senior O 5/22/2008
05380 Video Instruction Manager J 10/29/2009
05340 Videographer/Editor H 5/22/2008
01108 Vocational Rehabilitation Assistant I 5/22/2008
09463 Volunteer Reading Services Coordinator I 5/22/2008
07940 Volunteer Services Coordinator K 7/8/2010
07941 Volunteer Services/Activities Coordinator K 12/9/2011