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Job Titles:
Class CodeJob Title (Classification)Pay GradeLast Revision
00803 Biologist, Fisheries L 5/11/2016
00947 Biologist, Fishery Research Principal M 6/10/2011
00946 Biologist, Fishery Research Senior L 8/11/2015
00836 Biologist, Staff M 10/13/2017
00808 Biologist, Wildlife Health/Forensic K 8/28/2015
00835 Biologist, Wildlife Regional L 9/7/2017
00944 Biologist, Wildlife Research K 7/12/2010
00945 Biologist, Wildlife Research Principal M 5/21/2008
00943 Biologist, Wildlife Research Senior L 6/30/2010
04658 Bookstore Operator H 5/21/2008
05282 Box Office Manager I 5/21/2008
00292 Brand Inspector I 5/21/2008
06368 Bridge Inspection Equipment Specialist I 5/21/2008
06645 Building Facility Coordinator H 5/21/2008
06646 Building Facility Foreman J 5/21/2008
06649 Building Facility Foreman, Correction K 3/25/2010
06624 Building Facility Maintenance Foreman H 3/16/2016
06647 Building Facility Specialist G 5/21/2008
06626 Building Operations Manager K 5/21/2008
08542 Building Plans Examiner K 12/2/2016
08521 Building Safety Inspector/Advisor K 11/28/2017
08528 Building Safety Program Manager M 6/10/2015
08538 Building Safety Program Supervisor L 6/6/2017
08529 Building Safety Regional Supervisor L  
06608 Building Services Facility Coordinator K 5/21/2008
06648 Building Superintendent J 5/21/2008
04610 Bureau Chief, Operations DHR P 8/1/2016
05520 Business Analyst M  
05243 Business Attraction Specialist L  
09465 Business Enterprise Program Specialist I 5/21/2008
09475 Business Enterprise Program Supervisor K 5/21/2008
03178 Business Operations Manager M 5/21/2008
05275 Business Operations Specialist L 11/20/2014
01506 Business Support Manager P 4/4/2011
01536 Buyer J 5/21/2008
01535 Buyer Trainee H 5/21/2008
04859 Buyer, Division of Purchasing K 5/21/2008
01538 Buyer, Senior K 3/27/2009