Temporary positions may span a period of a few days, several months, or a season but may not exceed one thousand three hundred eighty-five (1,385) hours of work in any twelve (12) month period for any one department.

Agencies hire temporary employees on an "as needed" basis and determine the type of job, pay, and conditions of employment.

Some temporary positions are eligible for full State of Idaho benefits.

Temporary Job Openings
Announcement Title
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LocationsAgenciesClosing DateAnnouncement No.
Temporary Classification
(Initial Attack Fire Dispatcher)
HaydenDepartment of Lands3/31/2017TEMP008768
Temporary Classification
(Runner and Back-Up Receptionist)
BoiseIdaho Public Television3/31/2017TEMP016831
Temporary Classification
(Resource Aide I )
Coeur d'AleneDepartment of Lands3/31/2017TEMP017438
Temporary Classification
(Firefighter II, Firefighter I, Resource Boss, Dispatcher)
StatewideDepartment of Lands12/31/2017TEMP024320
Temporary Classification
(Resource Technician, Resource Foreman, Resource Aide II & Resource Aide I )
StatewideDepartment of Lands12/31/2017TEMP027027
Temporary Classification
(Seed Potato Inspector)
Ashton, Driggs, Idaho Falls, St. Anthony, Rexburg, RigbyDepartment of Agriculture4/19/2017TEMP055309
Temporary Classification
(Watercraft Inspectors)
Coeur d'AleneDepartment of AgricultureOpen until
further notice
Temporary Classification
(Invasive Species Boat Inspectors)
BurleyDepartment of AgricultureOpen until
further notice
Temporary Classification
(Engine Boss)
Craigmont, Boise, Bonners Ferry, KamiahDepartment of LandsOpen until
further notice