Step 3 of 4: Select Job Titles

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Instructions: Select the job titles that you would like to have invoke notification. Please note that you are not required to select any job titles. When you are finished click the "move to step 4" link located above.

Selected Job Titles:
You currently do not have any job titles selected.

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Job Titles:
Select JobJob Title (Classification)Pay Grade
Select Tax Administration Forester M
Select Tax Appraiser L
Select Tax Appraiser, Consulting M
Select Tax Appraiser, Senior M
Select Tax Audit Manager N
Select Tax Auditor 1 K
Select Tax Auditor 2 L
Select Tax Auditor 3 M
Select Tax Auditor 4 N
Select Tax Automated System Manager N
Select Tax Automated System Specialist L
Select Tax Bureau Chief P
Select Tax Central Processing Bureau Chief N
Select Tax Collections Unit Supervisor J
Select Tax Compliance Officer 1 J
Select Tax Compliance Officer 2 K
Select Tax Compliance Officer 3 L
Select Tax Compliance Program Specialist M
Select Tax Compliance Technician I
Select Tax Division Administrator, Audit Q
Select Tax Division Administrator, Revenue Operations P
Select Tax Field Office Manager N
Select Tax Manager O
Select Tax Program Manager - Fuels N
Select Tax Property Appraisal Bureau Chief O
Select Tax Property Appraisal Section Manager N
Select Tax Specialist N
Select Tax Technical Unit Supervisor J
Select Taxpayer Services and Outreach Program Manager N
Select Taxpayer Services Representative I
Select Taxpayer Services Specialist J
Select Technical Engineer Services Leader N
Select Technical Records Specialist 1 H
Select Technical Records Specialist 2 I
Select Technical Writer J
Select Technician 1 G
Select Technician 2 H
Select Technician 3 I
Select Technician 4 J
Select Telecommunication Technician I
Select Television Specialist L
Select Therapist M
Select Therapist, Early Intervention M
Select Therapy Technician I
Select Tourism Development Specialist L
Select Toxicologist/Assessor, Public Health O
Select Traffic Signal Technician G
Select Traffic Survey Field Supervisor J
Select Traffic Survey Technician I
Select Trainer, Associate J
Select Training and Development Manager N
Select Training Specialist L
Select Transcript Evaluator, Chief J
Select Transcript Evaluator, Senior I
Select Transportation Environmental Section Manager O
Select Transportation Legislation/Policy Specialist N
Select Transportation Management Systems Coordinator K
Select Transportation Operations Team Leader L
Select Transportation Program Control Manager O
Select Transportation Services DP User Manager N
Select Transportation Services Supervisor K
Select Transportation Technician H
Select Transportation Technician Apprentice G
Select Transportation Technician Principal, Engineering K
Select Transportation Technician Principal, Maintenance K
Select Transportation Technician Senior J
Select Transportation Technician Senior, Maintenance I
Select Transportation Technician, Operations J