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Instructions: Select the job titles that you would like to have invoke notification. Please note that you are not required to select any job titles. When you are finished click the "move to step 4" link located above.

Selected Job Titles:
You currently do not have any job titles selected.

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Job Titles:
Select JobJob Title (Classification)Pay Grade
Select Radiation Physicist K
Select Radiation Physicist, Senior M
Select Radio Network Operations Manager J
Select Radio Producer/Announcer H
Select Radiologic Technologist I
Select Range Management Specialist M
Select Real Estate Inspector K
Select Real Estate Investigations Supervisor M
Select Real Estate Investigator L
Select Receptionist E
Select Recording and Equipment Specialist H
Select Records Inspector, ITD K
Select Records Management Supervisor K
Select Records Program Manager L
Select Records Technician F
Select Recreation Assistant G
Select Recreation Coordinator, Correction J
Select Recreation Manager, BSU I
Select Recreation Manager, ISU I
Select Recreation Site Maintenance Foreman K
Select Recreation Specialist, Therapeutic K
Select Recreation Specialist,Therapeutic, Senior L
Select Recreation Supervisor, Therapeutic M
Select Reentry Specialist K
Select Regional Coordinator, Public Defense N
Select Regional Economist, Labor L
Select Registered Dietitian, Public Health K
Select Registered Dietitian, Public Health - Senior L
Select Registered Dietitian, Public Health - Supervisor M
Select Rehabilitation Services Chief N
Select Rehabilitation Specialist, Associate, DJC K
Select Rehabilitation Specialist, DJC L
Select Rehabilitation Supervisor, DJC K
Select Rehabilitation Technician Trainee, DJC H
Select Rehabilitation Technician, DJC I
Select Rehabilitation Unit Manager, DJC M
Select Religious Activities Coordinator L
Select Remote Sensing Analyst, Staff L
Select Remote Sensing Analyst, Technical M
Select Research Analyst J
Select Research Analyst, Principal M
Select Research Analyst, Senior L
Select Research Analyst, Supervisor N
Select Research Program Manager O
Select Research System Analyst, Institutional M
Select Resources and Services Navigator J
Select Respiratory Therapist I
Select Retail Assistant Manager I
Select Retirement Field Services Section Manager M
Select Retirement Member Services Manager M
Select Retirement Specialist J
Select Right-of-Way Agent L
Select Right-of-Way Agent, Senior M
Select Right-of-Way Appraiser M
Select Right-of-Way Apprentice J
Select Right-of-Way District Supervisor M
Select Right-of-Way Supervisor N
Select Risk Management Analyst K
Select Risk Management Claims Adjudicator K
Select Risk Management Claims Technician I
Select Roadside Program Administrator - ITD L
Select Roofing Program Supervisor L