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New Job Opportunities
Announcement Title
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LocationsAgenciesClosing DateAnnouncement No.
Thursday March 23, 2017
Agriculture Investigator, Senior
(Organic Agriculture Investigator Senior)
BoiseDepartment of Agriculture4/6/201700375021988
Custodian Foreman
(Custodial Foreperson)
BoiseBoise State University4/6/201702006059297
Non-Classified Classification
(Director of Information Security)
BoiseOffice of the Governor4/14/2017NONCLS097313
DPW Construction RepresentativePocatelloDepartment of Administration4/16/201706502039073
IT Systems Security Analyst
(Computer Forensic Analyst - Cyber Crime)
MeridianIdaho State Police4/13/201701638026500
Library Consultant
(Library Consultant - Continuing Education)
BoiseIdaho Commission for LibrariesOpen until
further notice
Non-Classified Classification
(Probation and Parole Division Deputy Chief)
BoiseDepartment of Correction4/7/2017NONCLS057913
Program Specialist
(Fiscal Program Specialist)
BoiseDepartment of Agriculture3/29/201705274011916
Video Instruction ManagerIdaho FallsIdaho State University4/9/201705380044206
Wednesday March 22, 2017
Analyst 4
(Remediation Manager)
BoiseDepartment of Environmental Quality4/5/201707046030412
Non-Classified Classification
(Firefighter - Training Range)
BoiseDivision of Military4/14/2017NONCLS098927
Health Education Specialist, SeniorIdaho FallsHealth District 73/28/201702356043778
ISP Regional Communications Officer
(State Police Dispatcher)
MeridianIdaho State Police4/12/201708020084784
ISP Regional Communications Officer
(State Police Dispatcher)
Coeur d'AleneIdaho State Police4/3/201708020099503
Lands Program Manager
(Timber Sales)
Coeur d'AleneDepartment of Lands4/15/201701063007929
Project Manager 1BoiseIdaho Transportation Department4/12/201705567066385
Tuesday March 21, 2017
Administrative Assistant 2
(Administrative Assistant 2 (170293))
BoiseBoise State University3/28/201701231004489
Human Services Program Specialist
(Child Welfare Foster Care Licensing Program Specialist)
BoiseHealth and Welfare3/31/201709090051470
IT Programmer AnalystBoiseDepartment of Water ResourcesOpen until
further notice
Maintenance Specialist, Parking - BSUBoiseBoise State University4/4/201701931053681
Management Assistant
(Management Assistant - 170135)
BoiseBoise State University4/3/201705272074164
PTV Director/VideographerBoiseIdaho Public Television4/5/201705344095332
Non-Classified Classification
(Quality Assurance Specialist)
BoiseBoard of Medicine 4/5/2017NONCLS089638
Monday March 20, 2017
Building SuperintendentCaldwellHealth District 34/3/201706648066980
Customer Service Representative 2KelloggHealth District 13/31/201701120019861
Financial TechnicianMeridianIdaho State Police4/3/201704248024182
Health Education SpecialistPocatelloHealth District 63/27/201702355091574
Management Analyst, Senior
(YES Project - Management Analyst, Senior)
BoiseHealth and Welfare4/3/201705207046466
Public Involvement Coordinator
(YES Project - Communications Coordinator)
BoiseHealth and Welfare3/31/201705577050806
Non-Classified Classification
(Rehabilitation Field Consultant)
Coeur d'AleneIdaho Industrial Commission4/8/2017NONCLS060899
Research Analyst, Senior
(YES Project - Research Analyst, Senior)
BoiseHealth and Welfare4/3/201705449060417
Non-Classified Classification
(Statewide Language Access Manager)
BoiseIdaho Supreme Court4/12/2017NONCLS020155
Technical Records Specialist 1BoiseBoise State University4/3/201701104022249
Training Specialist
(YES Project - Training Specialist)
BoiseHealth and Welfare3/31/201705122097308
Utility CraftsmanBoiseDepartment of Fish and Game4/3/201706638046954
Friday March 17, 2017
Administrative Services Manager
(Licensing & Permitting Program Manager)
MeridianDivision of Building Safety3/27/201702914027692
Developmental Specialist, SeniorBoiseHealth and Welfare3/25/201707801019493
Financial TechnicianPocatelloIdaho State University3/30/201704248040366
Financial Technician
(Financial Technician -170268)
BoiseBoise State University3/23/201704248097049
Thursday March 16, 2017
Agriculture Investigator, SeniorTreasure ValleyDepartment of Agriculture3/30/201700375047527
Biologist, Wildlife Regional
(Biologist, Wildlife Regional - Farm Bill Coordinator)
LewistonDepartment of Fish and Game4/6/201700835008051
Custodian Leadworker
PocatelloIdaho State University3/30/201702008027004
Non-Classified Classification
(Executive Director)
BoiseIdaho State Board of Veterinary Medicine4/6/2017NONCLS099181
Office Specialist 1BoiseIdaho State Board of Veterinary Medicine3/27/201701114061092
Technical Records Specialist 2
(Technical Records Specialist 2 - 170252)
BoiseBoise State University3/29/201701103013638
Transportation Technician ApprenticeCoeur d'AleneIdaho Transportation Department3/31/201703636004376
Wednesday March 15, 2017
Correctional OfficerIdaho FallsDepartment of Correction3/31/201709212098418
Human Services Program Specialist
(YES Project - CANS Program Specialist)
BoiseHealth and Welfare3/29/201709090006685
Human Services Program Specialist
(YES Project - Quality Assurance Program Specialist)
BoiseHealth and Welfare3/29/201709090083113
Non-Classified Classification
(MSW Program Director, College of Arts & Letters (8169))
PocatelloIdaho State University4/14/2017NONCLS081439
Program System Specialist - Automated
(YES Project - Program System Specialist)
BoiseHealth and Welfare3/29/201709062082547
Tax Auditor 1BoiseIdaho State Tax Commission3/29/201704338036031
Transportation Technician ApprenticeHarrisonIdaho Transportation Department3/31/201703636011478
Tuesday March 14, 2017
ClinicianOrofinoDepartment of Correction4/4/201706820031027
Correctional Case ManagerCottonwoodDepartment of Correction3/27/201709286076885
IT Systems Integration Analyst, SeniorBoiseIdaho Transportation Department3/28/201701640004663
Transportation Technician Principal, EngineeringBoiseIdaho Transportation Department3/29/201703643068424
Monday March 13, 2017
Administrative Assistant 2
(Administrative Assistant 2 - General Counsel)
BoiseBoise State University3/27/201701231028407
Customer Service Representative 1
(CSR1 5005-170157)
BoiseBoise State University3/31/201701121068102
Engineering Telemetry Technician
(Telemetry Tech-Radio Frequency)
Boise, Twin FallsDepartment of Water ResourcesOpen until
further notice
IT Systems Integration Analyst, Senior
(Application Software Developer)
BoiseDepartment of Fish and Game4/7/201701640028867
P & R RangerRound Lake State ParkDepartment of Parks and Recreation3/31/201700984037772
Non-Classified Classification
(Prisons Division Deputy Chief)
BoiseDepartment of Correction3/23/2017NONCLS001296
Non-Classified Classification
(Program Staff - Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP))
BoiseComm for the Blind & Visually ImpairedOpen until
further notice
Friday March 10, 2017
Business AnalystBoiseHealth and Welfare3/25/201705520026416
Engineer, AssociateBoiseDepartment of Environmental QualityOpen until
further notice
Engineer, StaffBoiseDepartment of Environmental QualityOpen until
further notice
Engineer-In-TrainingBoiseDepartment of Environmental QualityOpen until
further notice
Financial TechnicianBoiseDepartment of Fish and Game3/24/201704248015921
Non-Classified Classification
(Regional Sales Representative)
Coeur d'AleneLottery Commission3/24/2017NONCLS036896
Security Officer
(Security Officer/Dispatcher)
PocatelloIdaho State University3/26/201701932029895
Non-Classified Classification
(Shipping and Receiving Clerk)
BoiseLottery Commission3/24/2017NONCLS090482
Technical Records Specialist 1
(Contracting Services TRS1)
BoiseIdaho Transportation Department3/25/201701104004834
Transportation Technician ApprenticeBlackfootIdaho Transportation Department3/25/201703636000517
Transportation Technician ApprenticePrestonIdaho Transportation Department3/25/201703636017928
Transportation Technician ApprenticePocatelloIdaho Transportation Department3/25/201703636047968
Thursday March 9, 2017
Lands Resource Specialist
(Assistant Fire Warden)
BoiseDepartment of Lands3/29/201701073048818
Lands Resource Specialist, Senior
(Assistant Fire Warden)
BoiseDepartment of Lands3/29/201701074080596
Landscape Technician, Senior
(Cemetery Caretaker, Senior)
BoiseDivision of Veterans Services3/24/201706685068475
Library Assistant 2BoiseBoise State University3/23/201702929076518
Tax Specialist
(Tax Policy Specialist - Sales Tax)
BoiseIdaho State Tax Commission3/23/201704307017536
Technical Records Specialist 2
(Medical Billing Specialist)
BoiseHealth District 43/26/201701103052948