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Alpha List of Job Opportunities
Announcement Title
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LocationsAgenciesClosing DateAnnouncement No.
Technical Records Specialist 1
BoiseBoise State University6/5/201501104024574
Administrative Assistant 1StatewideAll State Agencies6/30/201501235021355
Administrative Assistant 1BoiseBoise State University5/27/201501235048529
Administrative Assistant 1BoiseDepartment of Parks and Recreation6/5/201501235082796
Administrative Assistant 2BoiseBoise State University5/29/201501231076640
Administrative Assistant 2StatewideAll State Agencies6/30/201501231078040
Administrative Assistant 2Coeur d'AleneDepartment of Lands5/29/201501231090027
IT Systems Integration Analyst, Senior
(Application Software Developer)
BoiseDepartment of Fish and GameOpen until
further notice
Business Enterprise Program SpecialistBoiseComm for the Blind & Visually Impaired6/2/201509465022989
Landscape Technician, Senior
(Cemetery Caretaker, Senior)
BoiseDivision of Veterans Services5/30/201506685021124
Recreation Specialist, Therapeutic
(Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist)
BlackfootHealth and WelfareOpen until
further notice
Child Welfare Social Worker 1StatewideHealth and WelfareOpen until
further notice
Child Welfare Social Worker 2StatewideHealth and WelfareOpen until
further notice
Child Welfare Social Worker 3SalmonHealth and Welfare6/6/201509427003827
Child Welfare Social Worker 3BoiseHealth and Welfare6/5/201509427068140
Child Welfare Social Worker 3PocatelloHealth and Welfare5/31/201509427098165
Child Welfare SupervisorTwin FallsHealth and Welfare6/10/201509428056722
Clinical AssistantCaldwellHealth District 36/3/201507664037135
ClinicianStatewideHealth and WelfareOpen until
further notice
Cook, SeniorBoiseDivision of Veterans Services5/29/201502180039769
Correctional OfficerSt. AnthonyDepartment of Correction6/3/201509212017862
Correctional OfficerPocatelloDepartment of Correction6/3/201509212041107
Correctional OfficerBoiseDepartment of Correction6/3/201509212059006
Correctional OfficerCottonwood, OrofinoDepartment of Correction6/3/201509212095859
Court ReporterIdaho FallsIdaho Supreme CourtOpen until
further notice
CustodianStatewideAll State Agencies6/30/201502010052353
Customer Service Representative 1StatewideAll State Agencies6/30/201501121057198
Customer Service Representative 2StatewideAll State Agencies6/30/201501120059151
Deputy Attorney GeneralBoiseOffice of the Attorney GeneralOpen until
further notice
Deputy State Appellate Public DefenderBoiseState Appellate Public Defender6/2/2015NONCLS052907
Developmental Disabilities Technician, SWITCHaydenHealth and WelfareOpen until
further notice
Developmental Specialist, Children's ProgramsStatewideHealth and WelfareOpen until
further notice
Dietary Aide, SeniorOrofinoHealth and WelfareOpen until
further notice
Dietary Aide, SeniorStatewideDivision of Veterans Services12/31/201502188090824
Dietary Services ManagerOrofinoHealth and WelfareOpen until
further notice
Analyst 2
(Drinking Water Coordinator)
LewistonDepartment of Environmental Quality5/27/201507042073715
Analyst 3
(Drinking Water Coordinator)
LewistonDepartment of Environmental Quality5/27/201507044058710
Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation SpecialistBoise, CaldwellDepartment of CorrectionOpen until
further notice
Engineer, Technical 1BoisePublic Utilities CommissionOpen until
further notice
Examiner Financial Analyst SupervisorBoiseDepartment of InsuranceOpen until
further notice
Executive DirectorBoiseIdaho State Board of Education 6/5/2015NONCLS034863
Financial Examiner / Investigator 1BoiseDepartment of Finance5/29/201504443091113
Financial Examiner / Investigator 2BoiseDepartment of Finance5/29/201504441029895
Financial Examiner / Investigator 3BoiseDepartment of Finance5/29/201504439006796
Financial SpecialistBoiseDepartment of Correction6/2/201504246056770
Financial TechnicianBoiseDepartment of Insurance5/27/201504248049490
Lands Resource Supervisor
(Fire Warden)
SandpointDepartment of Lands6/10/201501038075665
Forensic ExaminerBoiseOffice of the Attorney GeneralOpen until
further notice
Lands Program Manager
(Forest Stewardship Program)
Coeur d'AleneDepartment of Lands6/5/201501063091405
Fraud InvestigatorIdaho Falls, Pocatello, Twin FallsHealth and Welfare6/5/201508933049329
Health Facility Surveyor
(Health Facility Surveyor - Registered Nurse)
BoiseHealth and WelfareOpen until
further notice
Historian, ArchitecturalBoiseIdaho Transportation Department6/3/201502707082288
Instructor Specialist, DJCNampaIdaho Department of Juvenile CorrectionsOpen until
further notice
IT - Business Applications SupervisorBoiseState Insurance FundOpen until
further notice
IT Customer Service ConsultantIdaho FallsIdaho State University5/27/201501664087537
IT Developer - JavaBoiseState Insurance FundOpen until
further notice
IT Information Systems TechnicianHaydenHealth District 16/3/201501663065914
IT Information Systems Technician, SeniorPocatelloIdaho Transportation Department5/27/201501662041864
IT Systems Analyst
(IT Middleware Administrator)
BoiseHealth and WelfareOpen until
further notice
IT Programmer AnalystBoiseDepartment of Water ResourcesOpen until
further notice
IT Programmer Analyst, SeniorNampaIdaho Department of Juvenile CorrectionsOpen until
further notice
IT Systems Integration Analyst, SeniorBoiseDepartment of Administration6/5/201501640025180
IT Systems Integration Analyst, SeniorBoiseIdaho Transportation Department6/5/201501640089667
ITS Network EngineerPocatelloIdaho State University6/30/2015NONCLS023352
ITS Project ManagerPocatelloIdaho State University7/14/2015NONCLS069823
Social Worker
(Juvenile Services Coordinator)
Boise, Twin FallsIdaho Department of Juvenile Corrections6/8/201509423097307
Lands Area ManagerSandpointDepartment of Lands6/5/201501033043767
Insurance Analyst, Senior
(Market Analyst)
BoiseDepartment of Insurance5/29/201508932077693
Transportation Technician Senior
(Materials & Asphalt Binder Laboratory )
BoiseIdaho Transportation Department6/5/201503641084458
Medical Program SpecialistBoiseHealth and Welfare6/5/201508988068793
Safety Inspector Regulated Utilities
(Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Inspector)
BoisePublic Utilities CommissionOpen until
further notice
Analyst 3
(North Idaho Smoke Coordinator)
LewistonDepartment of Environmental Quality5/30/201507044097861
Nurse, Licensed PracticalSt. AnthonyIdaho Department of Juvenile CorrectionsOpen until
further notice
Nurse, Licensed PracticalStatewideAll State Agencies6/30/201507676099252
Nurse, RegisteredStatewideAll State Agencies6/30/201507606007538
Nurse, RegisteredHaydenHealth District 15/31/201507606011847
Nurse, Registered SeniorStatewideAll State Agencies6/30/201507574082634
Nursing Assistant, CertifiedStatewideDivision of Veterans Services12/31/201507610061101
Office Specialist 2StatewideAll State Agencies6/30/201501239017406
Program Supervisor
(Primary Care Program Supervisor)
Boise, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Falls, Lewiston, Pocatello, Twin FallsHealth and Welfare6/8/201508990030489
Education Program Manager, Correction
NampaIdaho Department of Juvenile CorrectionsOpen until
further notice
Education Program Manager, Correction
LewistonIdaho Department of Juvenile CorrectionsOpen until
further notice
Probation and Parole Officer, SeniorIdaho FallsDepartment of Correction6/2/201509356029294
Probation and Parole Officer, SeniorCoeur d'AleneDepartment of Correction6/4/201509356074320
Correctional Manager 1
(Program Manager - Education and Therapeutic Community)
OrofinoDepartment of Correction5/27/201509201044409
Program Staff - Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP)BoiseComm for the Blind & Visually Impaired5/29/2015NONCLS055020
Psychiatric Technician TraineeBlackfoot, Nampa, OrofinoHealth and WelfareOpen until
further notice
Physician, Psychiatric Specialty
BlackfootHealth and WelfareOpen until
further notice
Psychology, Chief ofOrofinoHealth and WelfareOpen until
further notice
Recreation Assistant
(Recreation Assistant with CNA Certification Requirement)
BoiseDivision of Veterans Services6/2/201507613016280
Analyst 4
(Regional Ground Water & Remediation Manager)
BoiseDepartment of Environmental Quality6/8/201507046067604
Research Analyst, SeniorBoiseDepartment of Labor6/2/201505449061954
Seasonal Smoke CoordinatorBoiseDepartment of Environmental Quality5/30/2015NONCLS053313
Security Officer, SeniorBoiseBoise State University6/10/201501934034767
Customer Service Representative 2
(Self-Reliance Representative)
BoiseHealth and WelfareOpen until
further notice
Self-Reliance SpecialistStatewideHealth and WelfareOpen until
further notice
Self-Reliance SupervisorPocatelloHealth and Welfare6/3/201507004072298
Social WorkerIdaho FallsHealth and Welfare5/29/201509423068678
Instructor Specialist, DJC
(Special Education Teacher)
NampaIdaho Department of Juvenile CorrectionsOpen until
further notice
Tax Auditor 1BoiseIdaho State Tax Commission6/9/201504338057982
Tax Auditor 1Coeur d'AleneIdaho State Tax Commission6/9/201504338084583
Tax Compliance TechnicianTwin FallsIdaho State Tax Commission6/9/201504326065361
Taxpayer Services RepresentativeBoiseIdaho State Tax Commission6/9/201504348027252
Instructor Specialist, DJC
LewistonIdaho Department of Juvenile CorrectionsOpen until
further notice
Instructor Specialist, DJC
Nampa, St. AnthonyIdaho Department of Juvenile CorrectionsOpen until
further notice
Technical Records Specialist 1BoiseIdaho State Tax Commission6/9/201501104050743
Technical Records Specialist 1StatewideAll State Agencies6/30/201501104068459
Technical Records Specialist 2StatewideAll State Agencies6/30/201501103081835
Therapist, Early Intervention
(Therapist (OT, PT, SLP))
StatewideHealth and WelfareOpen until
further notice
P & R Part-time/Temporary Staff
(Trail Ranger)
Idaho FallsDepartment of Parks and Recreation5/27/201597341059708
Transportation Technician ApprenticeTwin FallsIdaho Transportation Department5/29/201503636002336
Trial Court AdministratorTwin FallsIdaho Supreme Court6/15/2015NONCLS046747
Trial Court AdministratorCaldwellIdaho Supreme Court6/15/2015NONCLS047412
University Business OfficerPocatelloIdaho State University6/30/2015NONCLS085527
Utility CraftsmanBoiseDepartment of Correction6/5/201506638044011
Analyst 3
(Watershed Coordinator/TMDL Writer)
Idaho FallsDepartment of Environmental Quality5/29/201507044006674