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Natural Resources, Environment
Announcement Title
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LocationsAgenciesClosing DateAnnouncement No.
Administrative Assistant 1DearyDepartment of Lands5/27/201601235025043
Analyst 4BoiseDepartment of Water Resources6/12/201607046079242
Lands Resource Specialist
(Assistant Fire Warden)
DearyDepartment of Lands6/7/201601073007613
Lands Resource Specialist, Senior
(Assistant Fire Warden)
DearyDepartment of Lands6/7/201601074033148
Biologist, FisheriesStatewideDepartment of Fish and Game6/3/201600803035449
ChemistTwin FallsDepartment of Agriculture5/30/201607406073102
Engineer, AssociateIdaho FallsDepartment of Water Resources6/10/201603702099397
Engineer, StaffIdaho FallsDepartment of Water Resources6/10/201603704046834
Engineer-In-TrainingIdaho FallsDepartment of Water Resources6/10/201603700075874
Environmental Health Specialist 1Twin FallsHealth District 56/2/201607546094986
Lands Program Manager
(Federal Lands)
Coeur d'AleneDepartment of Lands6/3/201601063049072
Lands Program Manager
(Forest Health Program)
Coeur d'AleneDepartment of Lands6/24/201601063044107
Lands Private Forestry Specialist
(Forest Practices Advisor)
St. MariesDepartment of Lands6/3/201601075031117
Geographic Information System Analyst
(GIS Analyst)
BoiseDepartment of Water Resources6/10/201603316007474
Hydrogeologist, StaffCoeur d'AleneDepartment of Water Resources6/12/201603312064017
Hydrogeologist, TechnicalCoeur d'AleneDepartment of Water Resources6/12/201603310060842
IT Systems CoordinatorCoeur d'AleneDepartment of Lands6/10/201601660069798
Lands Area ManagerSt. MariesDepartment of Lands6/10/201601033096732
Non-Classified Classification
(Raw Lab Technician)
American FallsDepartment of Agriculture6/6/2016NONCLS012531
Technical Records Specialist 1Coeur d'AleneDepartment of Lands6/7/201601104043646
Utility CraftsmanBoiseDepartment of Fish and Game5/31/201606638039682
Water Resource AgentBoise, Idaho Falls, Twin FallsDepartment of Water Resources6/6/201603136026737
Water Resource Agent, SeniorBoise, Idaho Falls, Twin FallsDepartment of Water Resources6/6/201603137041293