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Exam: Food Service Operations Manager - IDVS (Jan 2017)
The following items #1-5 are the minimum requirements for this position. Item #6 is a specialty area that is not required for all positions (please see job announcement for details).

Item #6 is Specialty Area that is only required for certain positions (please see announcement for details).

Include your education, formal training or course work you have taken, a description of the course work, and dates and location. Please be sure your experience relates directly to this position. Be complete yet concise. Specify the organization(s) for which you worked, dates of employment, and your title. Failure to provide any of the required information may result in your application not being considered.

1. Please describe how you have gained some knowledge of the principles of nutrition.
This is typically gained by completion of a recognized formal course covering the principles of nutrition; OR at least six months' experience applying those principles in an actual work setting. Experience or oversight of the preparation of special religious or medical diets may be qualifying.

2. Do you have some knowledge of management practices.
Please note that management and supervision are NOT the same. See (B) below.
  • (A) I do not have experience or education in management practices as described in (B) below.
  • (B) I have completed a college-level course or 20 hours of management training that included all the essential elements of management (Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling) OR I have three months of experience performing all management elements. (Line supervision is non-qualifying.)
  • (C) I have completed 2 classes of upper division college-level courses equivalent to “Management and Organizational Theory” and “Personnel or Human Resource Administration” that covered the essential elements of management; OR I have at least 1 year of experience in a job situation with responsibility for all the essential elements of management or advising management in all the essential elements.
  • (D) I have approximately two years of experience managing staff. Qualifying experience requires management as the predominant job responsibility and must encompass the essential elements of management as described in (B) above.

3. Please describe your experience insuring proper sanitation and safe food handling practices.
This is typically gained by formal training in sanitation and safe food handling techniques; OR at least one year of recent experience (within the last five years) insuring these types of practices are applied specifically while working in a correctional facility or institution.

Include in your response the title and length of training received or if you have experience developing Safety Sanitation guidelines.

4. Please describe your experience preparing and serving large volumes of food in an institutional, correctional, military, school, hospital or nursing home facility, or comprehensive commercial food service operation.
This is typically gained by at least one year of recent paid professional level experience (within the last five years) performing directly related work.

Include in your response any college level training or experience managing or supervising food preparation and food service staff.

5. Please describe your work experience using computers to generate reports. Include the type of reports generated.
This is typically gained by completion of a class which indicates competence in using a computer to generate reports ; OR at least 6 months experience using computer systems to generate reports.

6. (Specialty Area) Are you either certified (or eligible to obtain certification) as a Registered Dietitian by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, OR, are you a Certified Dietary Manager, OR are you a Certified Food Service Manager?

Please describe how you meet the above certification and licensure requirements. Include licensure/certification numbers and issuing state.
For questions regarding licensure, please contact the Idaho Board of Medicine at (208) 327-7000.

This certification/licensure is not required for all positions, please see announcement for details.