Date: 11/16/2017
Information Contact 1: John Russ : (208) 364-7785, ext. 3303 : 

Department of Labor Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

Events around the state this week – National Apprenticeship Week - have showcased the results Idaho has achieved in developing registered apprenticeships thus far and its future in developing a strong, long-term workforce in Idaho.

As a means of developing workers’ skills and talents on the job, registered apprenticeships are a proven solution for businesses to recruit, train and retain highly skilled workers.

More than 400 Idaho employers have helped double the number of registered apprenticeship programs across the state since last year, while the number of registered apprentices has grown more than 42 percent. 

Employees who complete a registered apprenticeship have a higher job retention rate of up to 91 percent, and for every dollar a business invests in registered apprenticeships, they see an average of $1.47 back in increased productivity, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Apprenticeships have evolved to include diverse industries in the U.S. and Idaho, ranging from financial, to cyber-security to health care and specialty crafts.

Business specialists at the Department of Labor work with small private businesses, large companies and governmental entities to help develop programs and provide information such as:

• What is a registered apprenticeship program?

• What can a registered apprenticeship program mean to your company?

• What a registered apprenticeship program can do for the workforce.

• The connection between education and apprenticeships.

• Myths associated with apprenticeship programs.

• Traditional and expanding occupations for registered apprenticeships.

To learn more, visit or contact John Russ at (208) 364-7785, ext. 3303 or 

National Apprenticeship Week is an opportunity for the apprenticeship community to tell the story of apprenticeships and is an invitation to business and industry, education, career seekers, community based organizations, students and workers to learn about the real world advantages of developing careers through adoption of the apprenticeship model. Apprenticeship is for those who aspire to lead in innovation and creativity, strive to innovate in business and industry and recognize the value of combining paid on the job learning coupled with a substantial educational component.


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