Singular Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive career information, resources and services to help you make successful education and career decisions.


For 34 years CIS has been Idaho's most complete, reliable, current source of career information for individuals at schools, agencies and non-profit institutions who help students and adults with their career goals.


More than 350 Idaho schools use CIS to help their students learn about the world of work, identify their own likes, dislikes and characteristics and research options for their future.

State agencies like the Idaho Department of Labor, Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Idaho Department of Corrections as well as public and private organizations in Idaho use CIS to help their clients make informed decisions  concerning their careers.

Audience appropriate

We recognize that rewarding careers start with informed decisions. We ensure the information we provide is appropriate for the target audience by offering age-appropriate products.

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Commitment to Quality

Our content is the foundation of the CIS platform. We provide a comprehensive library of occupation, education and employment resources and more quality career assessments than competing products. Our team of experienced analysts ensure that content is both current and accurate.


CIS is the only source for both current and comprehensive Idaho and national information providing a solid framework for using career information to plan high school courses, prepare for postsecondary education and to make informed career decisions.

Responsive Service and Support

With extensive knowledge about education and work, training in career development and decades of experience, our staff members are eager to help you get the most out of CIS. Proactive and responsive customer service is essential to our mission.

From training and support to curriculum and consulting, Idaho CIS is a trusted partner dedicated to help your career development programs succeed.

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CIS Network and Partners

The evolution of the CIS platform is customer-driven. We regularly engage with our statewide advisory committee which is made up of representatives from Idaho’s schools, universities and government agencies.

We actively participate in an organized national network that collaborates with intoCareers, a business unit of the University of Oregon, and 20 other states to set research and development objectives, achieve common goals and share creative strategies.


Who is using CIS

Educators at all levels of Idaho's schools use CIS daily to help their students learn about the world of work, identify their own likes, dislikes and characteristics, and research options for their future.

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  • Postsecondary
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