Idaho Labor Laws

All workers should know what to expect in the workplace. Learn the laws Idaho employers must follow such as those regarding minimum wage, overtime and child labor.

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Wage issues

If you have not been properly paid by your employer, you must file a wage claim to start the claim process.

  File a wage claim online

  File a wage claim by mail*:  English | Spanish

*  Note: if you select this option, contact an Idaho labor laws compliance officer first.

Learn more:

»  Idaho's wage payment law
»  Idaho's minimum wage law

Farmworker services

Take advantage of all of Idaho Labor's services, and make sure your employer is providing you with the pay and benefits you are entitled to by law.

»  Learn more about Idaho Department of Labor's farmworker services

Additional resources

  Contact a labor compliance officer regarding Idaho labor laws

Workplace posters all Idaho employers must post for their workers to see:

click here to access Idaho Department of Labor complaints system

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