Report Unemployment Fraud

Unemployment insurance fraud is a crime that affects everyone. It drives up unemployment taxes for businesses and causes frustration for law-abiding workers. If you suspect someone is committing unemployment insurance fraud, use this page to let us know.

Types of unemployment insurance fraud

  • Reporting that they looked for work when they did not
  • Failing to accurately report hours of work and earnings
  • Working while collecting unemployment benefits and not reporting it to Idaho Labor
  • Falsifying information or failing to disclose information
  • Failing to be able and available to work (out of the area, on vacation) while collecting unemployment benefits
  • Not reporting cash wages to Idaho Labor
  • Identity theft - using another person's identity (name, social security number) to file fraudulent claims
  • Stealing someone's mail - a federal crime - and then cashing that person's unemployment checks
  • Aiding someone in filing a fraudulent claim
  • An employer coersing, inducing or colluding with an employee to file a false claim for benefits
  • An employer providing false information regarding a worker's separation from employment

How to report fraud

If you suspect someone is fraudulently collecting unemployment benefits, please call our toll-free tip line at (877) 540-8638 and leave contact information for the person or business involved in committing fraud and a description of fraudulent activities, or provide the information by email to

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