Idaho CIS Contact Information

Phone: (208) 334-3705

Toll Free: (800) 935-4247

Email: idahocis@labor.idaho.gov


What can CIS do for you?


Do you wonder how your current and upcoming classes will impact your future? Need help decision making and setting goals? CIS has tools and information needed to design your successful future.

Prepare for your future


You want your child to have a happy and successful future. CIS helps you and your child make informed education and occupation decisions to reach their potential and meet their goals.

Help your child succeed


Use CIS at any stage of your career or education to learn about your strengths and options. Tools such as an interactive resume maker help you create a career plan, get hired and succeed on the job.

Continue towards your career goal


Career development can be difficult to fit into your class time. CIS helps you integrate career information into any subject area, helping your students plan, make decisions, set goals and follow through.

Teach your students to succeed


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