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What is a U.S. Bank ReliaCard® Visa®?

ReliaCard Visa gives you the power and convenience of Visa, but since it’s a prepaid card, you are using your own money – not credit. Your spending is automatically deducted from your payments on the card. If you do not sign up to have your unemployment insurance benefit payments deposited directly to your banking or checking account, you will be issued a U.S. Bank ReliaCard and all benefit payments after. If you have any questions about the debit card, please contact U.S. Bank ReliaCard at (866) 276-5114.

Why did I receive a new debit card?

The Idaho Department of Labor stopped paying unemployment benefits by check and began paying by U.S. Bank’s ReliaCard Visa in May of 2010. These cards expire three years from the date of issue, which for those who received debit cards in 2010 will be May of this year.

I am not currently collecting unemployment. Why did I receive a debit card?

New debit cards are sent to anyone who has an activated card, even if they are not currently receiving benefits. You will need this card if you collect unemployment benefits in the future.

What if I have a balance on my old card?

If the card about to expire has a balance, that balance will be transferred to your new card.

How do I know if my new card has a balance?

Contact U.S. Bank at (866) 276-5114.

What if my mailing address changed?

Visit and update your contact information. The responsibility for keeping your mailing address current in our system falls to you.

What should I do with my old card?

Once you activate your new card, destroy your old card.

What if my card expired, but I did not get a new card?

Verify your address is accurate with us by logging on to and then contact U.S. Bank at (866) 276-5113.

What are the advantages of using a ReliaCard?

  • It’s safer than cash and your ReliaCard Visa can be replaced.
  • Your unemployment insurance benefits can be spent as soon as they are deposited onto the card.
  • No more trips to the bank or check-cashing fees.
  • Make purchases anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted such as grocery stores, discount stores and medical facilities.
  • You can also shop online, by mail and pay bills with your card.
  • You can request cash back with purchases at many merchants like supermarkets and retail stores or you can withdraw cash at over 1.2 million Visa/Plus® ATMs worldwide. Fees are assessed for withdrawals from ATMs not owned by U.S. Bank. Teller cash withdrawals can also be made at any financial institution that accepts Visa.*
  • It’s confidential. Card account information is strictly confidential. Benefits are deposited onto the card, but only you have access to information about how your money is used.

When will I receive my ReliaCard and what do I do then?

If your claim has nothing preventing payment, you should receive your card approximately three weeks after the claim is opened. If we are investigating an issue on your claim and we find you eligible, the card will be mailed two days after the decision is made. The two-day timeframe allows us to transmit your information to U.S. Bank, which will create and mail your card from Fargo, ND.

Next, watch your mail for a plain white business envelope with a Fargo, N.Dak., return address. After receiving the card in the mail, you must call (866) 276-5114 to activate the card and choose your PIN. Remember, the first week you meet the eligibility criteria is your waiting week. You must also file a weekly claims report for each week you are requesting payment.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

Call the toll-free Cardmember Services number, (866) 276-5114, to report a lost or stolen card. A new card will be issued free of charge and any remaining balance will be transferred to the new card. You will not be responsible for any confirmed fraudulent activity that occurs on your card. Emergency replacement cards are extra and cost $15 for shipping costs.

How will I receive my unemployment insurance benefits and when will my benefit amount be available on my debit card for spending?

Your unemployment insurance benefits will be automatically loaded to your ReliaCard account.

If you are filing an initial claim, and your claim has nothing preventing payment, you should receive your card approximately three weeks after the claim is opened up and your benefit amount will be available for spending once you activate your card. If we are investigating an issue on your claim and we find you eligible, the card will be issued two days after the decision is made. This is to allow us time to transmit your information to US Bank and for them to create and send your card.

If you are already receiving benefits, already have your card and you file your weekly claim on a Sunday or Monday, your funds should be available by the following Thursday at 8 a.m. local time. If you file your weekly claim any time after Sunday or Monday, your benefit amount won't be available until sometime after Thursday.

When should I expect to start using my ReliaCard debit card?

Remember, if you do not choose the direct deposit option when you file your initial claim or continued claim, you will automatically be sent a ReliaCard debit card. Your debit card should arrive 7-10 days after you report for your first payable week of UI benefits.

Are there fees associated with using ReliaCard?

Yes. While there are no fees for point of sales purchases or using the cash-back option, there are service fees for using “out of network” ATMs, emergency card replacement, paying bills, foreign currency transactions and transferring funds to another account. Please click here for a complete list of the fees. Read them carefully before you choose this option.

How do I use my ReliaCard to make purchases?

Using your ReliaCard Visa is easy. Your card works much like other prepaid or debit cards. Use it wherever Visa is accepted – online, over the phone, at grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants, medical offices and other establishments. Always make sure to know your balance before you shop.

  1. Know your balance before you shop.
  2. Present your card. Select “Credit” if you want to make a purchase only. Select “Debit” if you want cash back with your purchase.
  3. Check your purchase receipt. Keep your receipt and keep track of your remaining balance.

How can I get cash with my card?

There are three ways to get cash with your ReliaCard Visa:

  • Use your ReliaCard Visa to get cash at virtually any ATM in the U.S. and around the world. Fees are assessed for using ATMs not owned by U.S. Bank.
  • Receive cash withdrawals at participating banks or credit unions.
  • Use the cash-back option at thousands of merchants nationwide like major retailers, grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores at no additional charge.

How do I get cash at a bank or credit union?

Make sure to know your available balance. The teller will not have access to this information. Ask the teller for a cash withdrawal in the amount you wish to withdraw. Keep your receipt and keep track of your remaining balance.

How do I get cash back from a merchant?

When the authorization machine asks for credit or debit, select “Debit.” Enter your four-digit PIN. Select “Yes” for cash back. Enter the amount, press “OK.”

Where is my nearest US Bank or MoneyPass ATM?

US Bank has an online tool for finding a branch location nearest you. MoneyPass also offers thousands of surcharge-free ATMs coast to coast. To find the closest MoneyPass ATM, visit the MoneyPass online locator.

How can I check the available balance on my card?

You can obtain your current available balance three ways:

  • View your account online at
  • Perform an online balance inquiry at a MoneyPass ATM or US Bank at no charge.  (Out-of-network banks may charge a fee for this.)
  • Call Cardmember Services toll free 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (866) 276-5114.  (Automated assistance is free; a $3 fee applies for live customer assistance after the first three calls each month.) 

Can I pay my bills from the ReliaCard Web site?

Yes, for a fee. After you log on to the ReliaCard Web site, select the Bill Pay link and accept the Subscriber Agreement. You have the option to set up payees and payment options. Payment options include one-time payment, pay at a future date and pay automatically at regular intervals. The Bill Pay fee is $0.99 per payment. Additional processing fees charged by your local utility or service provider may also apply so check with them first.

Can I add or deposit additional funds from other sources to my card?

No. Only payments made by the Idaho Department of Labor can be deposited to your card.

Who do I call for help and how can I reach ReliaCard Customer Services?

You can call ReliaCard Cardmember Services 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (866) 276-5114.

Remember, using the automated teller feature is free, and you can talk to a live customer service representative three times a month before it will cost you $3 per personalized call. (See fee schedule.) If you need help with processing your unemployment insurance claim or want to learn more about your options for receiving your benefit payment, contact your local Idaho Department of Labor office.



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