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Hire Veterans

More than 130,000 Idahoans are veterans of the Armed Forces, 10 percent of the adult population and one of the highest percentages in the country. We are grateful for our veterans and want to ensure they receive all the employment and training services they deserve.

Veterans preferences are required by law

Providing preferences in hiring is required by law. All state, county, city and other local governments and political subdivisions in Idaho must provide preference to qualified veterans applying for government jobs with a few exceptions.

Idaho Code, Title 65, Chapter 505, updated during the 2011 legislative session, requires all state, county, city and other local governments and political subdivisions in Idaho to provide preference to qualified veterans applying for any government job except those held by so-called key employees, who are in at-will or non-classified positions for which no selection process is used.

The law also requires all governments to provide notice of that preference in all announcements, advertisements or other solicitations for applicants.

Title 65, Chapter 5 provides details the law on veteran’s benefits, government responsibilities and penalties and liabilities for non-compliance with the preference requirement.

Please review these revised portions of the Idaho Code and update, as necessary your recruitment, selection and employment policies and procedures to ensure compliance.

The department’s 25 local offices throughout the state are available to assist employers in recruiting and hiring and our staff are trained in fulfilling this veteran preference requirement.

What employers should know

Veterans preferences FAQ for public employers, including guidelines, penalties
Employer tax credit for hiring a veteran
Federal hiring programs for hiring veterans
Idaho Statute, Title 65, Chapter 5: Rights and Privileges of Veterans
Top reasons to hire a veteran
Strategies for hiring disabled veterans

Find one of our veterans representatives

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