Accurate and up-to-date information

Education is linked to occupations by using the following sources:

  • Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) crosswalk
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics occupation and wage data
  • Occupational Information Network (O*NET)

Use CIS to help students and adults find the answer to these important questions:

  • Who am I?

    • Better understand who they are

    • Explore their interests

    • Discover their talents 

    • Learn about high demand jobs in careers that interest them

    • Identify areas of study that interest students and the schools that offer them

  • Where am I headed?

    • Make the connection

      between school, learning and their future in the work world

    • Get a reality check. Find out which occupations will support their desired lifestyle

    • Understand employment skills

  • How do I get there?

    • Investigate education and career options so they can create a career plan that is right for them

    • Explore training and education opportunities, find options to finance their future education

    • Develop a plan

Help prepare your students or clients through life’s next steps.

Introduce students to career development

CIS junior can help teachers introduce academic planning and career exploration to elementary and middle school students. Utilize Reality Check so students can start understanding the association between educational attainment and standard of living. Use course planner to create personalized 4-year learning plans for postsecondary readiness. Use the curriculum plans housed within CIS that are developmentally appropriate career and life-planning activities and lesson plans.

Help explain the difference between jobs and occupations

The modules and tools housed within CIS are designed to create meaningful associations between education and occupations.

  • CIS provides a framework for using career information to plan high school courses as well as research postsecondary programs of study (majors) at both in-state and out of state colleges and universities. Understanding that there are multiple pathways to career development, CIS also provides information on Adult Basic Education/Workforce Development along with union and non-union apprenticeship programs.
  • Teachers can use over 100 curriculum lessons plans to increase students’ awareness of interests, skills and work value assessments.
  • Use the administration reporting tool to track student progress, communicate with your students and create portfolio’s to utilize the course planner’s module, resume writer and application tracker.
  • Course Planner and Career Plan meet Idaho Administrative code 08.02.03

Help correlate education and training with work history

CIS provides a full range of options to define goals and develop plans for life after high school. Understanding that education is a lifelong process, Idaho CIS provides information on short-term training programs, post baccalaureate certifications and degrees. CIS directly links the end user to the transfer equivalency guides at each of the state’s colleges and universities and clearly identifies equivalent majors that can be attained at each school.

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CIS Junior is ideal for elementary and middle school students.


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