Once you have applied for benefits

How do I file for a week of benefits?

If you file a claim for unemployment insurance benefits, you will receive an instructional pamphlet, The Unemployment Insurance Handbook for Idaho Workers. It will explain how to use the Internet Continued Claim system to certify for unemployment insurance benefits.

These systems are available in both English and Spanish. Special provisions can be made for the hearing impaired. The systems are operational seven days a week, 24 hours per day, INCLUDING holidays.

Your weekly claim can be filed on-line at

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 What is my Number (PIN)?

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the Internet Continued Claim systems are the same as the PIN you used for filing/accessing your online claim on the computer. You can reset your PIN at or by contacting your local Idaho Department of Labor office.  This PIN  serves as your signature. It is very important that you keep this number confidential. You are the only person who may legally call in to claim benefits on your claim. You are certifying that your answers are true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Under Idaho Law, you could be penalized for giving false answers or for withholding information.

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 How are payments made?

Payments are issued as direct deposit to your checking account or as money available to your Debit Card that will be issued to you. To apply for direct deposit, access our website at

If there is a problem on your claim, you may be contacted by the office where your claim is filed. You must follow the directions given by that office to remain eligible for benefits.

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 When will I get my first payment?

If everything is in order on your claim, and you were laid off due to a lack of work, your first payment should arrive during your third week of unemployment.

If a personal eligibility issue (you quit a job, you were discharged, you are not able or available for full time work) has been identified on your claim, this issue must be resolved before payment can be made.

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 Are unemployment insurance benefits taxable?

Yes. Unemployment insurance benefits are fully taxable by the State and Federal Government.  You can have Federal Taxes of 10% withheld but Idaho State Income Tax cannot be withheld.

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Will money be withheld for taxes?

You may have 10% of your benefit check withheld for Federal Tax purposes. There are no provisions for withholding State Income Taxes. For more details, contact your nearest Idaho Department of Labor office. Click here for a list of the Idaho Department of Labor locations in Idaho.

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Will I receive a year-end statement?

Yes. In January, you will be mailed a statement (Form 1099-G) showing the total amount of benefits paid to you during the calendar year. Because of this, it is important that you update your address with the Idaho Department of Labor even if you have quit filing. The information on your benefit statement is also sent to the Internal Revenue Service and to the Idaho State Tax Commission.

The Internal Revenue Service is responsible for interpreting and applying the provisions of income tax laws. Any questions on federal taxes should be directed to the nearest Internal Revenue Service office. Questions on state taxes should be referred to the Idaho State Tax Commission.

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Why didn't I receive a payment for the first week I was on UI?

As mandated by the Idaho legislature, you must serve a waiting week at the start of your new claim. During this waiting week you must have either been totally unemployed, or if you worked part-time, you must not have earned more than 1-1/2 times your weekly benefit amount. You must also meet all the personal eligibility requirements and claim for the week.

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What if I think my payment is late?

You can find out when your payment was processed by accessing the Payment Summary option on the internet at If the system states your payment has been processed and you feel you should have already received it, contact your local Idaho Department of Labor office.

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How do I change my address?

You can change your address at If you do not have access to a computer and the internet, contact your nearest local Idaho Department of Labor office. Click here for a list of the Idaho Department of Labor locations in Idaho.

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Can I be out of my local labor market area and still be eligible for benefits? 

If you are seeking work out of town, you must keep track of where you looked for work.  You may be asked to provide the names and addresses of where you looked for work while you were out of town.  We may also contact these employers to verify your work search.  We cannot pay you for any week you are on vacation.

Remember that even if you are on a temporary layoff, you must look for work if you leave your local area.  You must be willing to take a job in these other areas.

If you are not in your local area, or if you have left your local area for any length of time during the week, you must report this when you report on the Internet Continued Claims system to report for the week.  If you are filing using the Continued Claim Reports method, you must also report that you were out of the area.  You will need to answer the question, “Were you away from the area where you normally look for work?” as “YES”.

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What should I do when I return to work? 

When you get a job, you should claim credit for the last days you were out of work in the usual method (by telephone or mail), then simply stop filing your weekly claims.

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What if I become unemployed again? Do I reopen my claim?

If you have not filed for two consecutive weeks, and you become unemployed again, you must reopen your claim.  You may reopen your claim during the week in which you want to claim for. You may reopen your claim via the Internet at

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Can I get an extension in the number of weeks I collect? 

It depends.  Extensions for collecting unemployment insurance benefits are in effect only during periods of high unemployment and only if the state or federal governments take specific actions to provide extended benefits. 

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Can I cancel my claim? 

You may cancel your claim at anytime by submitting a written request if:
• You did not misrepresent or fail to report a material fact   in making the claim
• You agree to repay any benefits received

Ask us if you have questions about cancellations.  Your claim is not canceled when you stop reporting.

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How can I get information about my claim?

You can go to or contact your local Department of Labor office.

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